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The Beginning


There is nothing
Primal Chaos is born
First shape-changers are born
The Serpent and Unicorn come into existence
The Courts of Chaos are created
Oberon is born to the Unicorn (father is Dworkin)


Oberon marries Cymnea
Benedict, Osric, Finndo, born to Cymnea (father is Oberon)
Eric born to Faiella (father is Oberon)
Oberon dissolves marriage to Cymnea
Oberon marries Faiella
Osric and Finndo die in First Chaosian War
Dworkin flees from Chaos to a small sudden island
Dworkin meditates upon the abyss
The Jewel is revealed to Dworkin by the Unicorn
Dworkin creates Amber out of Chaos
Dworkin begins to fashion the family Trumps
Corwin, Caine born to Faiella (father is Oberon)
Faiella dies giving birth to Deirdre (father is Oberon)
Oberon marries Clarissa
Fiona, Bleys born to Clarissa (father is Oberon)
Llewella born to Moins (father is Oberon)
Oberon divorces Clarissa
Oberon recognizes Llewella as legitimate
Brand born to Clarissa (father is Oberon)
Flora born to Dybele (father is Oberon)
Julian, Gerard born to Rilga (father is Oberon)
Random born to Paulette (father is Oberon)
Brand, Bleys, and Fiona study with Dworkin
Corwin rules over Avalon


Islain is born to Eric and Moire
Random goes to Rebma and elopes with Morganthe
Martin born to Morganthe (father is Random)
Random banished from Rebma
Islain becomes Ambassadress to Variath
Islain arrives in Amber
Martin walks Pattern, leaves Rebma
Corwin gulls Caine
Corwin beats Julian at his favorite game


Moonriders out of Ghenesh attack Amber
Benedict holds the pass above Arden against the Moonriders
Dark things out of Shadow attack at Jones Falls
Brand has argument with Corwin
Corwin and Eric fight while hunting in the Forest of Arden


Corwin exiled by Eric after their fight
Brand and Gerard search for Corwin in many shadows
Tomb built for Corwin, assumed dead
Benedict leaves Amber for Avalon


Flora goes to Shadow Earth

-72y (Generally regarded as the start of the Patternfall Years)

Flora first spots Corwin on Shadow Earth
Dworkin tells Oberon how to destroy the Pattern
Oberon imprisons Dworkin
Brand, Bleys, and Fiona form cabal
Oberon gets mad at Eric and glorifies Corwin over dinner
Brand allies with powers from Chaos and learns how to destroy Pattern


Brand asks Llewella and Random about Martin


Amba born in Shadow


Eric brings Larissa to Amber


Larissa walks the Pattern


Larissa's Ambassadorial status becomes official, and she begins to travel extensively


Johann Payne, approximately one year of age, brought to Amber with his mother.


Random goes to Texorami
Brand paints a trump of Martin


Brand finds Martin and stabs him over the Pattern
Brand, Bleys, and Fiona involve Benedict with the hellmaids
Oberon is lured away by Brand, Bleys, and Fiona
Damien arrives in Amber suddenly, already an adult.


Oberon is imprisoned in the Courts of Chaos


Bleys and Eric argue over the throne; Bleys leaves Amber
Eric seizes control of Amber
Bleys builds military strike force
Brand tries to win Caine over to the cabal, fails
Eric-Caine-Julian alliance formed
Brand sees Corwin in Tir-na Nog'th
Brand sees Corwin in Eric's mind
Brand under surveillance by Eric in Amber
Bleys and Fiona split with Brand
Corwin begins to regain memory


Brand escapes Amber, puts Corwin in Porter Sanitarium
Brand recaptured by Eric
Corwin escapes from Porter


The 60's end as the calender year becomes 1970 AD on Shadow Earth
Brand escapes again, shoots Corwin's tires out
Eric puts Corwin in Greenwood, under Flora's care
Brand captured by Bleys and Fiona, put in Tower
Brand calls Random for help
Random attempts to save Brand, fails
Julian contacts Random about the throne
Random loses his Trumps


Corwin escapes Greenwood, goes to Flora's house
Corwin and Random set out for Amber
Corwin and Random save Deirdre, go to Rebma
Random sentenced to marry Vialle


Corwin walks Pattern in Rebma
Corwin transports himself to Amber
Bleys and Corwin make alliance
Corwin makes deals with Gerard and Caine to open the seas
Corwin contacts Oberon and Brand by Trump, both weakly
Corwin and Bleys build force, attack Amber, fail


Bleys falls off stairs, Corwin taken


Eric crowned
Corwin blinded, imprisoned, lays his curse on Amber/Eric
Larissa argues with Eric, leaves Amber to travel the Golden Circle


Fiona delivers her twins, Clytemnestra and Helena, out in shadow


Corwin escapes to Cabra with Dworkin's help
Corwin stays with Jopin at the Lighthouse
Corwin goes to Lorraine, etc
Corwin and Ganelon travel to Avalon
Benedict romances Lintra, then kills her, losing an arm
Benedict defeats the hellmaids
Dara is born in Chaos (great-grandfather is Benedict)


Corwin and Ganelon meet Benedict


Corwin meets Dara
Ganelon kills Benedict's servants


Corwin gets diamonds and gunpowder


Corwin and Ganelon leave Avalon, encounter Black Road


Corwin gets guns on Earth
Eric begins major battle with Black Road (First battle of the Patternfall War)
Islain returns to Rebma
Larissa returns to Amber to play a military role, at Gerard's request


Ganelon and Corwin march on Amber
Dara arrives in Amber


Corwin wins battle at Amber
Eric dies in battle
Corwin and Random go to the Pattern
Dara completes the Pattern
Dara claims "Amber will be destroyed"
Eric's funeral


Merlin born to Dara (father is Corwin)
Merlin grows up in the Courts of Chaos
Caine is found dead
Random tells his story (of the Tower) to Corwin
Flora tells her story (of Eric, etc.) to Corwin


Corwin and Gerard fight, bury Caine, at the Grove of the Unicorn
Corwin and Gerard see the Unicorn
Brand is returned by united family effort
Fiona stabs Brand
Gerard takes care of Brand
Caine stabs Corwin
Corwin returns to Shadow Earth, stashes Jewel


Random brings Corwin back to Amber
Corwin visits Brand
Brand recovers well
Corwin goes to Tir-na Nog'th, gets mechanical arm from Benedict


Corwin, Ganelon, and Random follow Unicorn to Primal Pattern
Martin's Trump found in the Pattern
Benedict and Random seek Martin


Corwin goes to Dworkin's quarters
Corwin trumps to the Courts of Chaos, kills rider, meets Merlin


Corwin returns via Gerard's Trump
Corwin talks to Brand again
Caine attacks Brand
Ganelon tells Benedict about Dara
Corwin and Benedict form alliance
Gerard fights Corwin again, Ganelon intercedes
Corwin talks to Julian
Corwin returns to Earth to retrieve the Jewel, talks to Bill Roth
Brand gets the Jewel first
Corwin orders all the Patterns guarded
Corwin talks to Fiona
Brand show up at the Pattern in Amber, met by Gerard, flees
Brand starts walking the Primal Pattern
Corwin intercepts him, forces Brand to transport out
Random finds Martin, who tells his story
Brand goes to Tir-na Nog'th to walk Pattern there
Benedict intercepts him, regains the Jewel, using mechanical arm
Ganelon reveals himself as Oberon


Oberon takes command, gives separate orders to his children
Replay of Tir-na Nog'th scene in Amber, Benedict loses arm
Corwin talks to Dara, learns of Merlin
Corwin tries to repair the Pattern himself and is stopped by Oberon
Corwin talks to Oberon
Oberon orders everyone to attack Chaos
Islain briefly returns to Amber at Gerard's request
Corwin begins his hellride
Oberon starts walking the Pattern to repair it
Oberon sends the Jewel to Corwin via the bird
Brand's first contact with Corwin ("Dad failed")
Brand's second contact with Corwin (appears with crossbow, loses eye)
Brand's third contact with Corwin (grabs the Jewel)
Corwin and Brand both transport to Chaos
Corwin kills Duke Borel of Chaos
Battle of Chaos - also known as the Battle at the Abyss (Second battle of the Patternfall War)
Oberon's message in the sky
Brand killed by Caine's crossbow, drags Deirdre over the cliff
Family reunites after the battle
Oberon's funeral
Merlin appears
Random made King of Amber by the Unicorn
Corwin attunes Random to the Jewel
Random diverts the Wave of Chaos


Corwin tells his story to Merlin


Mandor leads suprise attack on Amber under Gerard regency before forces of Amber can return from war with Chaos (Third and final battle of the Patternfall War)
Damien and Johann Payne leave Amber for Victor Earth.
Gerard is killed
Vialle escapes to Rebma
Corwin disappears


Forces of Amber are ambushed when they try to return to Amber and are defeated
Benedict is lost after the battle
Caine, Julian escape and lay plans
Bleys, others defect to Chaos and are paroled
Llewella is permitted to depart to Rebma as goodwill gesture
Random, others are imprisoned in Chaos as hostages/ POWs
Fiona marries Lord Torren Ishtar rather than face imprisonment
Vikund born in Amber City
Islain is allowed to return to Rebma and does so.


Merlin is crowned king of Amber, Mandor is Prime Minister.



Petra is brought to Amber by Merlin and presented as a child of Benedict.


Vikund first appears in Merlins' court as an advisor.


The Ramblin' Queen opens for business.


Morgan is brought to Amber from the Unicorn Nebula.


Damien and Johann return to Amber, and initially live in the same home.
Lady Paloma Baccaran comes to Amber to become the new Ambassador from the Courts.
Ingrey joins the Diplomatic Service (IngreyGoesOffToTheDiplomaticService)


Ingrey Wererathe comes to Amber to work at the Embassy. He has the rank of Third Secretary.


Clytemnestra and Helena discovered by Torren Ishtar in a slow-time shadow—they are 4 yrs. old
Clytemnestra goes to live with her father, Mandor
Helena goes to live with her mother, Fiona
Torren Ishtar adopts Helena


Ingrey Wererathe promoted to Second Secretary


Clytemnestra is fostered in Aegea. She receives frequent visits from Mandor, and manages infrequent visits with Fiona out in shadow.


Amba comes to the Courts


Ingrey Wererathe promoted to First Secretary


Clytemnestra comes to live in Amber, with infrequent visits to Aegea. She and Mandor have a falling-out, and have mostly avoided each other since.


Ingrey Wererathe promoted to Counselor and given his current office.


Johann Payne leaves Amber for Arden


Chadwick is taken to Amber by Flora. He is 18 years of age. Time spent in Amber expands over the year.


Flora openly declares that Chadwick is her son. Several trips to Rebma are made.


Islain is sent to Arden


Ingrey Wererathe Promoted to Minister-Counselor at the Amber Mission


Johann Payne returns to Amber from Arden
Chadwick is seen independent of Flora for the first time.
Helena comes to Amber with her mother, Fiona

Note from Brian: The very end of this timeline is subject to a lot of changes, but much of the earlier material is straight out of Zelazny. I hope this will be a useful resource.

I started from this: , and much credit is due to the original author. I trimmed some back for this game.

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