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Time Under Chaos

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Amber won the battle - and lost the war. The Battle of Patternfall was won - and then the storm passed over, and in its wake ...

The Pattern was gone. Order should have been gone from the Universe with it, and yet ...

Rumour says that Corwin's Pattern survived - a new Order. But its whereabouts are lost; no-one except Corwin knew where it was inscribed - and Corwin is lost.

A hundred years have passed. A hundred years of Chaosian occupation of Amber. The Chaosians have installed their own puppet-King on the throne of Amber - Merlin, who is still a heedless, irresponsible youth, more interested in getting drunk with his cronies and outraging the citizens of Amber with his wild exploits than in ruling; power resides in the hands of his elder half-brother Mandor, and those of Amber who have thrown in their lot with the former enemy.

But there are those who oppose the status quo - those who would foment rebellion. The penalties are hideous if they are caught, but still some dream of a time when Amber will be free of the alien domination.

So where do you stand?

Are you one of those Amberites who are working with the Chaosians, resigned to doing the best for your people by collaborating with the enemy? Or perhaps you have an eye to the main chance, and have discovered that loyal service to Chaos brings pleasures of its own? Perhaps you are a Chaosian, stationed in Amber (which you might see as your penance, or a pleasure). Perhaps you are one of the King's young and heedless friends. Or perhaps you are - covertly or openly - a member of the Resistance; fighting in Arden with Julian or, more mysteriously, with Caine.

Time Under Chaos

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