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Non-Player Characters

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What has happened to the Elders?

Dworkin: - casting: Ian Richardson
Oberon: - casting: Kenneth Branagh

Benedict: - casting: Liam Neeson

Eric: - casting: Rufus Sewell
Corwin: - casting: Pierce Brosnan
Deirdre: - casting: Famke Janssen

Caine: - casting: Naveen Andrews
Julian: - casting: Viggo Mortenson
Gerard: - casting: Brendan Fraser

Bleys: - casting: Errol Flynn
Fiona: - casting: Diana Rigg
Brand: - casting: Paul Bettany

Llewella: - casting: Fiona Apple

Flora: - casting: Grace Kelly \\

Random: - casting: Ewan MacGregor

Merlin: - casting: Rupert Everett

Martin: - casting: Matt Damon
Vialle: - casting: Helena Bonham Carter
Johann Payne: - casting: Heath Ledger

Mandor: - casting: David Bowie
Dara: - casting: Tilda Swinton
Suhuy: - casting: Alec Guinness
Despil: - casting: Tom Welling

Moire: - casting: Faye Dunaway
Morganthe: - casting: Scarlett Johannsen

Other NPCs
These are non-canon NPCs, created by the GM or by players.

Casting List
The complete cast of Time Under Chaos, listed alphabetically by actor.

TimeUnderChaosNon-Player Characters

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