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TimeUnderChaos Where are you?
This game will centre, for the large part, on Amber.

The castle and city is, essentially, that of the novels - except that its power has been diminished. Nevertheless, its appearance is familiar.

You might, however, be working with Julian or Caine. If you are with Julian, you will be in Arden (although you will probably travel to Amber at some point). If you are with Caine ... well. You will definitely be spending time on covert operations in Amber.

Even if you are pure Chaosian, you will be at the Court of Amber. Chaos will only figure as a backstory (at least, that is my current intention).

Primary roles are as follows:
Amberite courtier
Amberite rebel
Chaosian at the Court of Amber
Half-breed courtier
Half-breed rebel
Friend of Merlin (who could be Amberite, Chaosian or halfbreed)

You can keep your true allegiance a secret. Thus you might be a Resistance spy, posing as an Amber courtier, or a member of Chaosian intelligence, posing as an Amberite sympathiser.

(This, I feel, should foster the necessary sense of distrust and paranoia).

However, you can be exactly what you seem. It's intended that there should be room to grow and even to change within the game - I'm looking for well-rounded, three dimensional characters here. I'm also looking for a spread of types - I suspect I shall get that, but if I have ten people who want to play shifty sons of Caine ... well. I shall be making pointed suggestions.

Who are you?
You can be a scion of Amber, a Chaosite, or a half-breed.

1) You are a scion of Amber born before Patternfall.
You remember Amber of old. You may have walked the Pattern. You might have fought at the Battle of Patternfall; alternatively, you might have fought at the Siege of Amber. Or perhaps you were fleeting the time carelessly in Shadow throughout these stirring events and either arrived as a stranger after the War, or returned home to find all had changed, changed utterly.

Your parents could, therefore, be any of the Amberites who were then alive.

2) You are a scion of Amber born after Patternfall.
You have no memory of Amber - except under Chaosian rule. You will not have walked the Pattern - although you will have heard tell of those who have. You may be a child of Bleys or Flora, accepted at Court in Amber. Or you may be a child of the Resistance leaders - Caine or Julian. You might be a child of Llewella, come to explore the Amberite side of your destiny. You could, possibly, be the posthumous child of any of those killed in the War with Chaos (except, for understandable reasons, Deirdre).

3) You are a Chaosian.
You may well be posted to Amber on active service. Perhaps you are one of those secretly fascinated by the old enemy, and so are delighted to be posted to Amber itself. Perhaps you despise the old Order and see this service as a punishment - what have you done to deserve it?

You may have assayed the Logrus. Your parents may be any prominent Chaosians.

4) You are a half-breed.
The blood of Amber and Chaos runs in your veins. Was your parents' union a willing partnership - or a political alliance in the wake of the war? Perhaps you were born long ago, before such considerations figured.

If you were born a long time ago, you might have walked the Pattern, or assayed the Logrus. Not both, however. Merlin and Dara were the only two ever to do that - and many attribute Merlin's prolonged juvenile delinquency to the strain of this.

If you were born since the War, you may have assayed the Logrus.

What are you now? A courtier in Amber? A Chaosian warrior or magician? One of Merlin's dissolute friends? Or have you crossed completely to the other side and joined the Resistance, despite the fact that your mixed blood is held against you?

Note: I will allow characters of the younger generation (Martin, Jurt, Dalt, Luke). You will get no extra points to play with - but you will have the fun of deciding how your story fits with what is already known.

Who's playing?
Enclave players have a place if they want.

Other places are up for grabs. I want ten players tops - and I'm expecting a degree of co-operation and working in groups, as with Enclaves, so I'm not writing ten posts daily!

To secure a place, other potential players will need to submit an audition. This will consist of three short (300 words each minimum) essays on the following questions:

What is your background? (Be creative)
What is your attitude to Amber?
Describe your personal Shadow, or the place where you were happiest.

All entries should be in 3rd person, past tense (which will be the form of the game). I'll be looking for creativity, flexibility and also a good standard of technical writing skills - grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. It's also important that your character will assimilate well within the plot.

Enclaves players are also asked to complete these questions; I shall be determining things about your character on the basis of this.

For more information, see the Game Rules and Creating a Character

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