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... The second rider was rapidly approaching. He was not pale like the first. His hair was dark and there was a color in his face. His mount was a properly maned sorrel. He bore a cocked and bolted crossbow...

... He was beardless, slim. Possibly light-eyed within the squint of his aim. He managed his mount well, with just the pressure of his legs. His hands were big, steady. Capable. A peculiar feeling passed over me as I beheld him. -- The Hand of Oberon

"What of Merlin? Where is he now?"

"They have him," she said. "I fear that he may be their man now. He knows his parentage, but they have had charge of his education for a long while..." -- The Courts of Chaos

King Merlin is thought to be quite mad. Mandor is the real power in the kingdom.

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