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Credit is due first and foremost to Roger Zelazney, onlie begetter and author of the great cycle of Amber novels from which we all ultimately draw our inspiration.

And credit must also be given to Erick Wujcik, who first devised the rule system for the Amber Diceless RolePlaying Game which is the source from which this game derives.

With regard to this particular game, Time Under Chaos:

Thanks to a great GM and friend, Kit Kindred, one of whose posts inspired the idea that has eventually led to the plot of Time Under Chaos.

Thanks to Peter Marshall who - at AmberCon UK 2006, supplied a fascinating set of rule variations, and encouraged me to use it for this game. He also pointed me in the direction of Tony Jones, some of whose thinking has made its way into the Logrus powers - and who has supplied some of the powerwords. His material is used under Creative Commons licence. You can see Tony's pages here.

Thanks to Howard LaPierre, who gave me my first taste of Amber gaming and then Amber GM-ing. The posting rules derive from a set he devised - I believe they were based on someone else's - but I can't remember whose.

The main game rules for the conduct of a pbem were devised over six years ago, in April-May 2000, for the game now known as Galactic Renaissance, by Charles Little, Hanna Tollander, Cindy Neill and me.

Thanks are due in very large measure to Charles Little for providing the mailing lists (without which the game couldn't happen!) and this wiki - and for converting my css sheets so that the wiki looks the way I want it, and to Karen Klutzke for designing the game logo - and to Arlene Jacobs, who came up with the game title in a brainstorming session with me.

And thanks to the players and the lurkers for all their support and enthusiasm - which makes running games like this worthwhile!

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