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The names and details of Player Characters.

Character name Image Casting Player name
Amba Kelly Hu wraith808
Chadwick Kiefer Sutherland Tomus
Claudio James McAvoy Margaret
Clytemnestra ("Ness") Ashley Lyn Cafagna Originated by Allen
Currently Played by Carl
Delluth John Thaw Kriz
Goran Ethan Hawke Brenda
Helena Ashley Lyn Cafagna Karen
Ingrey Wererathe Clive Owen Paul
Islain Hedy Lamarr Francesca
Jurt Jonathan Rhys Myers Kris
Larissa Rohl Stacy Haiduk Carolyn
Morgan John Barrowman James
Niccolo Julian McMahon Brian C.
Petra Rossi Jessica Biel Theresa
Tasha Meg Ryan Arlene
Tear Stephanie Leonidas Jason
Thomas? Sting Allen
Vikund Nathaniel Parker Alan

Former Player Characters

Damien Johnny Depp Brian D.

Casting List
The complete cast of Time Under Chaos, listed alphabetically by actor.

Time Under ChaosPlayer Characters

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