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The mecha of the Tactical Assault Strike Command (TASC) on TK7 are categorized by armor weight and role and named for Greek gods and goddesses. Their development began in earnest when the Scourge invaded in the spring of 2032. The atmospheric instability of extradimensional invaders led to catastophic failures with drones and telepresence and it was decided that to face the enemy, there needed to be boots on the ground and pilots in the cockpits. The first generation of infantry combat jackets were not much more than exoskeletons originally used for dock work that Shinmaywa, Mitsubishi, and Kawasaki modified for defense purposes. Not to be left behind in the West, Lockheed and GD-Mowag took the development route from the other side, starting with larger specialized vehicles that could be piloted by just a handful of troops but fulfil varied mission objectives. In 2317 the infantry combat jackets are not much different than those used a century ago, save lighter and better armored and armed. The mecha are primarily of the 19th generation of development and are detailed below.

Named at game start:

  • ARES Gen19,
    • Use: Assault, Suppression,
    • Default Configuration: Two shoulder mounted LRMx8, one arm mounted EMLA cannon, two offhand mounted Particle Projector Cannons (PPC)
    • Top Speed: 65kmph
    • Armor: Heavy
    • Notes: ARES-05, piloted by LTJG Dawn Miles
  • ARTEMIS Gen19,
    • Use: Recon and covert operations,
    • Default Configuration: ARCHER, short range EMLA ballista,
    • Top Speed: 105kmph
    • Armor: Light
    • Notes: ARTEMIS-02 is Mukyu's prferred assignment
  • HERA Gen19,
    • Use: Mission Command, Control, and Communication,
    • Default Configuration: MR EMLA assault rifle and a Lotus staff for close combat,
    • Top Speed: 80kmph
    • Armor: Medium
    • Notes: HERA-09, piloted by Mukyu during her Exalt
  • POSEIDON, Gen16
    • Use: Amphibious Operations
    • Notes: None in operation at game start
  • ZEUS, Gen17,
    • Use: Artillery support,
    • Default Configuration: Shoulder mounted Quad-Electomagnetic Linear Accellerator (4EMLA)
    • Top Speed: 55 kmph
    • Armor: Heavy
    • Notes: ZEUS-07 was piloted by (then)Commander Ichijyo when he recovered Mukyu from Crow Castle
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