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Color of the Leaves

Planned battle fiction for Mukyu and her Exalt.

"It's on your six, Zero Five!" the pilot yelled into her helmet's voice pickup. Dawn in ARES-05 wouldn't hear the increased volume as the comms systems would dampen her wingman's voice, but Mukyu would be damned if she didnt get the intent. Some tech at some time in the last generation of communications gear had decided that the command channel filters on HERA-09 should be more restrained. Mukyu 's multitasking brain made a note to strip those flters next time the mecha rotated out for maintenance.

"Tell me something I don't know, Nine," came the redhead's response. Dawn's mech didn't have any filters and the pilot even less. Instead of evading as Mukyu expected, she turned the heavily armored mecha toward the threat and planed her feet.

"Zero Five, what are you doing?" she asked, driving her own mecha in a Split-S and circling back toward the Scourge.

"Primping," came the reply. A tell-tale crackle of energy was beginning to gather at the muzzles of her left arm's particle projector cannons, but there was little chance of them reaching effective coalescence before the monstrous creature was upon her.

"Primping?" Fiters or not, the biting edge was there. She knew the railgun that the ARES packed would pepper the Scourge with holes, but she also knew that Dawn understood the lack of stopping power. The PPCs were the right call, but she wasn't going to have the time.

"It's Friday night and if I'm going to get frelled, I want to look good," Dawn answered.

more later

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