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Warden of the Grand Stair--Dragon Blooded variant (20 points).

Warden of the Grand Stair

A Warden of the Grand Stair can open and close Doors to the Grand Stair. Anyone who is not a Warden will simply open a normal door and see what’s on the other side. To Wardens, the Door opens onto the Grand Stair.

Wardens can open any door that can be opened by conventional means. Even the most complex locks can be opened with time. Only locks sealed with magic or a Power can resist a Wardens’ desire to open them. Wardens can similarly mundanely engage locks.

Wayfinding: Wardens instinctively know where a mundane door leads, and where a Door on the Grand Stair goes. A Warden can also always find a Door back to their homeworld and with practice learn to find a Door to a gossamer world of desire. As a Dragon Blooded Warden you can always find a Door back to the Empire, once you have been there.

As a Dragon Blooded Warden, you are not only a Warden of the Grand Stair, and have the power to open Doors and access the Stair, but you trace your descent from one of the Great Families of the Dragon Empire. Only a fraction of the population of the Dragon Empire are Exalted. Not everyone within one of the Great Families properly Exalts as a Dragon Blooded. And of those, only a precious few *also* have the ability to open Doors and access The Grand Stair. You are one of these few.

As such, you also manifest one of the five elements of the Dragon Empire. The Dragon Blooded heritage will always be strongest in the gossamer world of the Dragon Empire, and gossamer worlds akin to it. Players can choose the element they will manifest in advance, or decide as play develops.

  • Earth: You are a child of the Dragon of Earth. When you are touching the ground, its really difficult to knock you down, or stop you when you get a head of steam.
  • Air: You are a child of the Dragon of Air. You put Minnesotans and Canadians to shame when it comes to enduring ordinary cold. You fall really well, too.
  • Fire: You are a child of the Dragon of Fire. Ordinary Fires do not burn you (but it can burn your possessions!). Magical fires and really warm environments are much less hazardous for you than others.
  • Water: You are a child of the Dragon of Water. You can breathe and function underwater as easily as Namor, or Aquaman. Don’t try talking to fish, though.
  • Wood: You are a child of the Dragon of Wood. Plants are your friends, and plant-based chemicals cannot adversely you. You can get drunk, but forget getting high. Or getting poisoned by nightshade.

Elemental Aura: High exertion of other powers, or stress, or an act of will can cause you to manifest an aura of your element around you. This anima banner will take the form of a sigil or pattern or symbol. This aura does, for better and worse, identify you as a child of the Dragon Empire. A fully manifested Aura can cause damage to the unprotected.


  • “An enormous flame etched blade suspended point down, with a dragon curling around it.”
  • “An upwelling of waves dozens of feet into the air, finally breaking apart to reveal a dragon with wings like sails”
  • “A tree with infinitely, recursive branching limbs that fades away into a haze of leaves.”
  • “A swirl of choking black dust, circling around her like a phantasmagoria”
  • “A bitter cold wind accompanied by a patina of ice spreading at his feet”
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