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True Names

Every living being and some powerful magic items have a True Name, the utmost expression of its essence and innermost nature. A True Name is a unique moniker in the mystical proto-language that has existed since the making of the Grand Stair, and perhaps prior. This language underlies all of matter and life, and most languages spoken anywhere in the Gossamer worlds are derivations of it. A True Name in this tongue is a special bit of knowledge, almost the equivalent of a cosmic serial number, a multi-layered fragment of information that must be perceived at several metaphysical and intellectual levels to be fully comprehended.

Mastery of True Names is called Invocation, and those who use this power are Invokers. Invokers can divine a being’s True Name, study the name to learn about its owner, and use the True Name to communicate, compel, conjure or banish the owner.

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