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Lost Eggs is a Lords and Gossamer and Shadow Game focusing on the entry of a group of new Wardens to the Grand Stair.

As Lost Eggs, and Worldwalking Lost Eggs who have an attunement to the Grand Stair, the Dragon Empire, one of the preeminent gossamer worlds on the Stair, and the source of your ancestry, want to bring you in from the cold. Conflicts with other powers on the stair are a problem, and the Dwimmerdalk are a major threat to everyone--just ask the poor Tepets. The Stair and its countless worlds are there for exploration, contact, and even conquest. The Empressí decree is that Lost Eggs like you be introduced to the Empire, chosen by a House and unlock your full potential.

Lost Eggs is a story to explore the characters growth and entry into the world of the Grand Stair, and the consequences and challenges of their heritage.

The game will begin with the contact between characters and the Dragon Empire and the invitation to come to the Empire and take their birthright.

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