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Charms are intrinsic powers that awakened Essence users such as Dragon Blooded can learn and manifest using their essence. Charms, like the Elemental Aura that chosen possess, work in more worlds than plain sorcery does, and don't require the years to learn and rack spells. It's a single 'spell' that you always know. As opposed to Cantrips, they can have more complicated effects. In general, however, only one charm can be used at a time.

Charms cost 5 points.

Example Charms

Allurement to Forthright Speaking
The persuasion skills of the charm user are intensely magnified.
Get a 360 view of places you are or have been
Feeling the Air
The Dragon Blooded, by the use of this charm, can perceive her immediate environment by reading minute eddies and currents in the air for a few minutes. In this way, they can maintain total spatial awareness even in complete darkness.
Global Entry

Provides Papers/documentation/status for someone in a Gossamer World


Provides access to a small extradimensional storage space that works anywhere charms do.

Infallible Messenger
Sends a short verbal message to a target known to the caster. Produces a small "messenger" in a form determined by the caster that is very difficult to impede.
Measure the Wind
Informs the caster of the type and approximate strength of the targets' magical abilities, including status of Dragon Blooded or Warden. Cannot be detected by the target but can be blocked.
Quarry Revelation Technique
The Dragon Blooded, can track any quarry whose trail is less than a week old. Animal tracks, spoor, and other signs of passage are obvious to the DB's eyes. Targets who have supernaturally protected themselves from being tracked have that protection negated, so that the mundane abilities of the Dragon Blood can be brought to bear. This persists for a complete day, as measured in time in the local realm.
Shaping Hand Style
The Dragon Blooded, by use of this charm, can enchant one of their hands to act as any basic tool (switchable freely) for an hour. The essence field around the Dragon Blood's hand is what changes, to create a pickaxe, saw, etc.
Shells for Silver
Glamour of making common or worthless things seem valuable
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