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The Calendar of the Empire

The Imperial Year is 425 days long.

There are Fifteen Months, plus the five days of Calibration which mark the turn of the year. Each month is 28 days long, the same as the Lunar Cycle. The Full Moon is always on the 28th day of the month. The New Moon is always on the 14th day of the Month. Half Moons are on the 7th and the 21st Day of the Month.


  • Ascending Air
  • Resplendent Air
  • Descending Air
  • Ascending Water
  • Resplendent Water
  • Descending Water
  • Ascending Earth
  • Resplendent Earth
  • Descending Earth
  • Ascending Wood
  • Resplendent Wood
  • Descending Wood
  • Ascending Fire
  • Resplendent Fire
  • Descending Fire

Ascending Water is the coldest month of the year; the dead of winter, when the North is frozen with ice, while frost, snow, and cold weather blanket the East and West, however the South has pleasant rains and temperature.

Temperatures rise throughout the wet months of spring, Descending Water through Resplendent Earth, when hurricanes buffet the South, monsoons imperil ships at sea in the West and drenching downpours drown the east; the North, on the other hand, transitions from arctic to subarctic, experiencing snowfall to lay atop the fallen ice. The growing period begins in Descending Earth, occupies all of Wood and goes on through Ascending Fire. This extra-long growing peroid means that Creation seldom has difficulty feeding it's inhabitants.

Temperatures get hot very quickly, however, shifting from warm growing weather to the dead heat of midsummer very swiftly; Descending Fire is the hottest month of the year; the South gets very closely aquainted with the Unconquered Sun as he looms high and long in the sky, the western Breadfruit Trees dry up, the forests of the East are starved for water, and the North becomes bright and temperate, fully open to trader's and travellers. Following this, temperatures fall rapidly, heralding storms across Creation and hurrying in the year's last harvest.

The weather of Creation is kind of crazy. The calendar years begins in the closest thing Creation has to Autumn, the months of Air (which for some reason are not associated with winter,) then plummets into deepest winter. The weather climbs out of winter into a long growing season consisting of Earth, Wood and the early part of Fire, then it becomes the hottest summer heat followed by plummeting drastically into the month of Air again.

This means that Creation has two wet times, both of them bracketing winter - once when the temperature is plummeting from the midsummer heat through the early months of autumn towards the midwinter freeze, and once more when climbing out of that freeze.

Calibration is a time when there is no Moon or Sun, the skies are five days of perpetual twilight.

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