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1776 years Ago: The Imperial City (then called the City of Gold) founded. Tradition says it as a castrum by a warrior group of Dragon Bloods at the direction of Pasiap.

1112 years Ago: The Empress Unites the Dragon Empire in leading the counterattack to end what would be later called the First Dwimmerlaik War (The Great Dwimmerlaik War)

1110 years Ago: The Empress is crowned in the newly constructed Pantheon in the newly renamed Imperial City. Her Reign officially begins. (Year Zero of the Imperial Calendar)

1056 years Ago: (year 54 Imperial) Cathak, the oldest of the Empress' daughters, is born

1018 years Ago: (year 92 Imperial): Postumia, second of the Empress' daughters, is born

817 years Ago: (year 293 Imperial) Cathak, the oldest of the Empress' daughters, dies under mysterious circumstances.

816 years Ago (Year 294 Imperial): The Empress destroys House Postumia for an attempted rebellion and revolution using Gossamer World troops.

704 years Ago (Year 406 Imperial): Mnemon is born, third of the Empress' original children

575 years Ago (Year 545 Imperial): Ledaal, fourth of the Empress' children is born.

560 years Ago (Year 550 Imperial): The Second Dwimmerlaik War ends. Gossamer Worlds under the Empire's sway are cut off. Some fall and are destroyed, others become independent, like Lookshy? ((formerly Deheleshen)

538 years Ago (year 572 Imperial): Peleps is born.

531 years Ago (Year 579 Imperial): Tepet is born, last of the Empress' children. She directs Tepet and descendants toward martial pursuits.

501 years Ago (Year 609 Imperial): The Empire, led by the Tepet Legions, conquers Rimini

213 years Ago (Year 897 Imperial): A Lookshy Embassy appears, re-establishing contact with the Empire.

201 years Ago (Year 909 Imperial): Ledaal dies

107 years Ago (Year 1003 Imperial): Peleps dies.

15 years Ago (Year 1095 Imperial): The Third Dwimmerlaik War begins with the Destruction of the Satrapy of Fragrant Bay. Tepet is killed.

15 years Ago (Year 1095 Imperial): World of Moab destroyed by the Dwimmerlaik.

14 years Ago (Year 1096 Imperial): The Empire requests a full exchange of Embassies with Lookshy "for at least the duration of the threat"; the offer is accepted.

13 years Ago (Year 1097 Imperial): The Battle at Glacial Lake Ymir. The Dwimmerlaik advance is temporarily blunted.

10 years Ago (year 1100 Imperial): The Reaving. Second Phase of the third War. The Dwimmerlaik appear and advance in a number of satrapies and allies. Several worlds die, others are scarred.

7 years Ago (Year 1103 Imperial): Third Phase of the War. Many worlds die, Dwimmerlaik slowly gain the upper hand.

5 Years Ago (Year 1105 Imperial): The Tepet Legions sacrifice themselves at the Battle of the Imperial Mountain to stop the Dwimmerlaik final advance

5 Years Ago (Year 1105 Imperial): Imperial Legions counterattack the over-extended Dwimmerlaik and drive them out of the Threshold and adjacent areas of the Stair. Dwimmerlaik fall back and go into full retreat. The War Ends.

1 Year Ago (Year 1109 Imperial): The Empress approves a Great Search be conducted for Lost Eggs.

Now (year 1110 Imperial) Lost Eggs

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