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Creating a Character for Lost Eggs

Come up with a Concept

The Lost Eggs are uniformly new to the Dragon Empire itself. Their origin is in one of the Gossamer Worlds, the Shadow worlds that are connected to the Grand Stair.

Players who prefer the simplest option can have their player characters come from Earth, completely unaware of what the Stair is or that other Gossamer worlds exist.

Players more familiar with the Lords and Gossamer Universe can opt to have their character come from one of the published gossamer worlds, or a gossamer world familiar with the Grand Stair. Such a gossamer world might have relations with, or even be a satrapy of the Dragon Empire itself.

While in the Lost Eggs universe a Dragon Blooded Warden Imprint is an inherited trait, the manifestation of the Dragon Blooded imprint can occur anytime between the age of puberty and old age. There are recorded instances in the Empire of twelve year olds manifesting, and sixty year old patricians who, finally touched by the Dragons, showing their imprint for the first time.

Assign Character Points

Characters Start with 80 points and all four of their attributes at Paragon (Amber) Rank.

In addition, players will receive the Dragon Blooded version of the Warden of the Grand Stair Imprint for free.

Most Characters playing Characters new to the Gossamer Universe will want to bank points to be trained in various powers. (Any Characters from Earth should do this). Characters from more magically inclined Gossamer Worlds may already be trained in minor powers.

Powers in the Gossamer Universe Include

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