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Wrighting [30 points]

This is the trump artistry of the game, but it is restricted to people. It is not possible to make Icons (trumps) of places. It is possible to use Icons for transport as well as communication.

Icons take many forms, but all are fashioned to resemble a particular being, unique throughout all of the Gossamer worlds. They can range from a key engraved with the head of the subject, to a large statue, stained glass window, or a small painted card.

Clarifying differences between Icons and Trumps

  1. Icons can be of many different forms, Trumps in the main can only be decks of cards.
  2. Icons can only be of people
  3. Icons can take a few extra people through a contact, but the initiator must go through as well. Rather than holding open a contact and passing people through, as Trumps can do, Icons are a "Grab the people and simultaneously transport, including the initiator.
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