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Umbra Mastery

While the Eidolon represents the force of order, offering a glimpse of an inherent organization of reality, the Umbra is its polar opposite, unpredictable and tumultuous, a chaotic, entropic force that destabilizes, mutates, corrupts, and disorganizes reality. All matter is caught between these two forces, affected by both to some degree, and their interplay is at the fundamental source of all great emanations of power.

Umbra Mastery (50 points) Primary Attributes: Psyche and Endurance

Perceiving the Umbra: a Umbra Master can look at reality and perceive the warp of weaknesses and imperfections within.

Warping Reality: The Umbra Master can use the power of the Umbra, and warp Gossamer Worlds to their will.

Personal Defense: The Umbra can be used to defend its wielder.

Shapechanging: As Umbra Masters are masters of change and corruption, they can change their form as well.

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