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Eidolon: The primal symbol of order, the Eidolon is essentially the cosmic blueprint underlying all of matter and energy. It permeates all reality and all change in the universe is a result of interplay between the Eidolon and the Umbra, the symbol of entropy and change. Characters manipulate the Eidolon with the power of Eidolon Mastery.

In many ways, the Eidolon is the equivalent of the Pattern.

Eidolon Mastery (50 points) Primary Attributes: Psyche and Endurance

The primary theme throughout all of the abilities conferred by the Eidolon are along the theme of bringing a higher order to something that is in disarray, or bringing purity to something suffering the taint of corruption. Eidolon Masters are able to use their connection and intrinsic alignment with the Eidolon to enforce its pattern upon reality in a number of ways.

Immortality: the Eidolon is that it confers to its Masters a form of immortality, an idealized state where the Master remains in more-or-less their condition at the time they became attuned to its perfection.

Perception: an Eidolon Master can look at reality and perceive the glimmers of perfection and harmony beneath the corruption.

Manipulating Reality: The primary means of effecting desired conditions or states in a Gossamer world is through evoking the grand and unimpeachable design of the Eidolon stamped upon the soul of the user and then using that attunement as a guideline to coax reality into a closer alignment with the design of the Eidolon.

Eidolon Defense: The user can use their Eidolon Imprint to defend themselves against physical or magical attack or unwanted change.

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