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Commodore Ichijyo
Mukyu's not-adopted father, on the Admiralty Board, a former pilot of ZEUS mecha, he served with distinction in the Chilean Envelopment of 2281. He rescued Mukyu from the destruction of Crow Castle in Okayama in 2305, one of his last field missions. Greying, he still has a good head of hair, but has lost some of his fighting trim. Thin reading glasses perch on the end of his nose when he's reading the day's agenda. He spends his days arguing with Alliance ministers, unwinds at night with two fingers of some of the last remaining Yamazaki.
Casting (prospective) Mako Iwamatsu
GSGT Blake Landon
Senior NCO, Bravo Platoon, 749th Force Recon Marines.
Casting Michael Biehn
LTJG Dawn Miles
Mukyu's wingman, as fiery as her red hair, Dawn and Mukyu have trained together for the past six years, both gaining their wings in 2311. She's almost as versatile as Mukyu in her ability to adapt to different mecha classes, but prefers the heavies and their increased ordnance. Hailing from one of the remaining human occupied settlements in the Western Hemisphere, Dawn is a "strat cat", someone born and raised below the stratosphere, and has only lived on TK7 since she graduated. Dawn is comfortable flirting with both the men and women of the station and has no shortage of partners to entertain her recreational hours, a point of contention with her wingman.
Casting (prospective) Bonnie Wright
Hayao Saburo
deceased, Mukyu's mentor and substitute grandfather, a Class A mecha tech, a slight man, he commanded his deck crew without raising his voice, the loyalty and trust of the men and women that served under him a testament to his kind soul. He taught Mukyu most everything she knows and understands about the make up of mecha. He also provided her with her close combat weapon, a miniaturized Lotus staff.
Casting (prospective) Hayao Miyazaki
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