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continued from The Limits of Infinity narrative crosses with Breath of Earth
the Guest Palace
“...Indeed, Davonae and Clement could, through a few umbrella pines, see a colonnaded entrance to a large palace, the road the carriage had traveled on and they now walked on foot ending in a large traffic circle with a fountain in the center of it, the water shooting high into the air. The fountain was in the shape of a dragon, the water emerging from its upturned mouth.”

Kido said as he looked to Zero and Vors. "Anything else?"

"Perhaps tea for three more as well." came a voice from the open doorway.

Kido turned to regard the three people there. Two of them were twins, with white hair, and the third with darker hair, and younger. Lorinne looked up as well.

“Senator Lorinne,” One of the white haired women said, bowing her head even as her counterpart did.

“Ah, the famous Peleps twins.” Lorinne said. She looked at the woman and the man. “Zero, Vors, these are Phoebe and Selene of the House Peleps, only the third known pair of twins to ever both exalt as Wardens. And you must be their Lost Egg.” The red haired woman looked at Davonae expectantly.

The girl bowed her head as the hint of a smile flickered about her lips. "I am called Davonae," she said with quiet confidence as her posture straightened. Though small of stature, she appeared lithe and athletic in build. As the smile blossomed, she continued on, "It is a pleasure to meet you all." Her dark, almond shaped eyes sparkled with excitement.

Zero smiled at the young lady who stirred a memory she could not pin down. Zero nodded to the twins. She put a palm flat over her heart and gave a slight bow at the neck. “Hullo! I am Strider Tolerance Zero, senior scout in the 77th Lightning Recon Regiment, Ambassador of Ka El to the Dragon Empire, and member of the Council of Two.” At the back edge of Zero's collar, a very small slice of the material snapped upward 10 centimeters and blinked a tiny harsh blue. It zipped back down.

The datacomp whispered in her inline. ~Threedee acquired. Filed. Please tag for crosscheck.~

The two Peleps stared at the item.

The gold-haired, dark-eyed Zero was wrapped in a patterned suit fitted tight to her 170cm form. The gray protective coating hugged like silk but sheened in delicate six-sided feather patterns as if rain-worn stone. Shadowy gray lines worked up and down her sides from the heavy belt around her hips. There were dark half-buried tubes riding the surfaces at her footwear, the insides of her arms, and across the ridge of her shoulders, where the form-fitted suit rimmed to show pale bare neck and collarbones.

There at her collar edge, the suit's dimension was visible, the edge layered in five plies over a centimeter thick in total.

Zero wore no blade or tool that appeared to be a weapon. The rugged belt did appear to be missing equipment, having several open hooks and straps. Zero's eyes glanced at the differences of the Peleps twins, but returned several times to Davonae. Where had she seen someone like this before?

"Introductions" Lorinne said, breaking the reverie. "Tolerance Zero and Toolei Vors are from a high technological Gossamer World that has suffered the fire of our common enemy. I am surprised to see some of that technology, Zero, to work here so effectively. Bound it must be to you that it works thusly." Her eyes looked toward Phoebe and Selene.

Zero resisted swearing. So much here was a puzzle she barely kept up. She imagined all the Imperials were briefed on Ka El, but obviously there were too many variables to do so. Glandive and Lorinne were prepared, with scouting and other months of study. She'd given away a huge secret, her tech was...fueled somehow by her personal connection to the Dragons, sidestepping the boundaries of Ka El. Even stranger, such a bond was apparently rare. But it might explain some strange events from past scouting missions.

"Davonae is from one of our allied worlds, having been fostered there since near birth. So, not quite a Lost Egg in the classic sense." Selene said. "And yet, she did not know who she was, so she was a Lost Egg for herself." Phoebe added.

"I, ah, will see that your desired tea is brought." Kido said, a little awkwardly, still staring at the collar of Zero, and then he departed.

"You may have frightened the Lord Chamberlain, Zero." Lorinne said, sounding somewhat amused by this.

"I'm sure tea will smooth over most things," Zero said pleasantly. Lady Lorinne was a complex woman. Zero had met no one in Ka El like her. She seemed to combine a few qualities in opposition. Zero nodded to Lorinne, but not in apology.

Instead she spoke to the future relationship, Davonae of the dark excited eyes. "Fascinated to meet someone new to all this. The Imperials have been generous in answering my questions." Zero took a stab at the puzzle of familiarity Davonae represented, "Have you visited Ka El, Davonae? Or are you also brand new to this Imperial life?"

The girl bounced up on her toes. "Very brand new," she grinned. "And with much learn. I don't believe I have ever been to Ka El. The furthest I remember traveling before all of this was the Great Turtle City."

Davonae pulled back slightly, eying Zero quizzically. "Perhaps you've been there? Your... gear... looks a bit like some of the magical things they fashion there." She considered that for a moment tilting her head slightly. "But the items in Atropos tend to be more gears and metal and whatever trinkets the fishermen bring up in their nets."

"A relatively low tech shadow?" Lorinne looked toward the twins. "Garden world?"

"Yes," Phoebe said. "A rather placid, peaceful place. Above my paygrade, but I think it was found to be..."

Phoebe didn't finish her statement, as there was a sudden tremor that rumbled across the ground. And then, there was the sound of an explosion occurring not far away.

Vors looked at Zero knowingly. "First Manifestation!" he said.

Zero experienced the multi-layer chill of her reflexes jumping up to combat speed. One slice of a second, she was so impressed that Vors had analyzed the disturbance that fast. The next slice of a second, she realized her hand clutched at the belttab her sharpgun should hang from. Another slice of a second, she knew the direction from the ripple reaction of small items in the room. Then she guessed the best access might be the less obvious route through the connecting bath and Vors' empty room to the hall.

Her sudden leap followed the guess--- she ran as the second fell away and a couple of items hit the floor in the room. At least, as she dashed through the bathroom--- slamming open the half closed door, she would not shock the Peleps twins by coming at them full speed. Not to mention there were Lorinne and Davonae also near that door. Vors' room was laid out just as hers was, which meant she hit the hallway door in record time. The epicenter of that blast could not be far away. She could examine and treat survivors on her way back from fast scout, if the triage was needed.

On her heels, Vors left in Zero wake, moving at speed. Lorinne remained where she was, calm, unperturbed.

~Datapulse!~ Zero demanded of the suit. There were no heavy metals in the construction here. She should be able to get a soft image of anyone nearby trapped by fallen furniture. She tracked footsteps near and far running as well. Hopefully the Guest Palace was free of children.

The datacomp whispered inline. ~Pulse fail. Insufficient signal. Error filed. Noted on maintenance log. Cycle check. No fault. Equipment green. Inexplicable FUBAR.~

Feeling the tremble, Davonae immediately reached for the sturdy table on her right to steady herself. As Zero ran, the girl simply watched, mouth open. "I take it not everyone comes into their own the same way I did," she said quietly to herself. She then turned her attention to the twins. "Should we follow?"

"I suspect the Senator is going to remain here." Phoebe said.

"But we should follow Zero and Vors" Selene said, rising with her sister. She made a head motion for Davonae to follow them, following Zero's path through the bathroom, through Vors' quarters, a mirror to Zero's, and out into the hall. Zero and Vors were moving at speed.

By the time that Davonae and the Twins caught up to Zero and Vors, they had caught up to a tall dark-haired woman wearing a metallic grey formal set of clothes, and carrying a large circular object strapped to her left arm. She, too was hurrying in the same direction. Coming up ahead was the wreckage of a door, and two figures, and a third, an animal had reached the doorway first.

"My sponsor did not warn me that such things were liable to happen" the woman said to Zero and Vors. "Did yours?"

Davonae looked at the woman and shook her head then turned her attention to the scene ahead.

Zero slowed and checked all compass points and again she dearly missed her weapon. Still there were sounds of closing footsteps. Despite Vors guess and no overt show of guards here, someone could be in trouble. She saw no injured. The silver furred animal did not seem frightened. The two figures wore simple robes but their backs were to her. They did not look injured either. But they had weapons.

Zero squinted up at the tall woman, looking into her eyes. She wore a.. a disc shield, a blade defense if Zero recalled shrine holos well enough. At least it looked solidly functional. Perhaps a small summary would help introduce Davonae and everyone. "Well," Zero began matching the walking speed of the unknown tall Lost, "I'm guessing more than not things happen at the Guest Palace that are unexpected. I suppose my 'sponsor' did suggest these violent reactions can surprise any Lost. It could be a Second Breath. I'm Tolerance and this is Toolei. Behind us, are Davonae, Phoebe, and Selene. There are no sounds of battle. No wails of injured. Perhaps we just need a medcomp, er, I mean, a healing... ?tool?" Zero tried to stop thinking about the Imperial echo and just use her own words. 'Sponsor' seemed to miss her meaning. 'Tool' was certainly wrong. She must learn the language.

"Ah, you mean a Medical Vial," the tall stranger frowned. "Language is difficult here. But I think we are from worlds with a similar concept." She paused a beat "I am Minerva Springs."

When they stood behind the female pair with the dog, Zero realized it was a fox. Wow. Not as rare as a cat, but much bigger, stronger. She'd never seen one that color. It nosed this way and that, made some sounds of distress and scrabbled at the shattered wood of the former doorway. With a bound, it went up, and was gone through a jagged hole that seemed too small for it. Small bits of wood slid down on the close side. Angry noises followed.

The blonde robed woman followed the fox through the door as the dark haired one spun in a low combat stance to scan the hall behind her. Her right hand met the left on the hilt of the long curved blade, knuckles whitening in contrast to her relaxed balance on the balls of her petite bare feet.

Mukyu's eyes narrowed even as she seemed to compose herself and slowly eased her hands from the hilt. She bowed at the waist in greeting, as if words would be too much in this moment, but her eyes never left those of the blonde in the familiar yet alien body armor.

"Oh, is that your sister?" Davonae asked Zero sounding a bit awed. "She looks just like you. How wonderful for you to have family here."

Before anyone departed the room, new figures arrived at the entrance of the wrecked doorway.

(Zero, Davonae, feel free to introduce yourselves) narrative crosses with Breath of Earth

Zero said nothing. The second woman peered around the door frame, her dark almond eyes wide with wonder. Her expression held youth and innocence as she took in the wrecked room. A third woman was tall, with dark hair, wearing a grey mesh shirt and pants. She carried a metal shield on one arm. She peered in over the wreckage and stepped across. (Casting call Gal Gadot)

The man of the group was tall and thin. perceptive, watchful. He studied the scene. "I was right, Tolerance" he said to the shorter woman. "Second Breath, Element of Earth"

Aranwen froze on her side of the threshold, looked up at the newcomers, and screamed in warning. She did not yield or move out of the way to allow the woman with the shield, or anyone else, to enter.

"Everyone, stand down, now;" Tamas barked (in English) in a parade ground volume (for civilians, it's loud). "If you are not a medic, clear a space for one who is."

Renny was 5'8" tall, fair and blonde, with bright green eyes. Her kimono was essentially identical to Mukyu's, but her weapons appeared to be centuries older. Her left hand had started instinctively going for her flintlock pistol when Aranwen screamed, but she checked herself at Tamas' command.

Zero took a small step back from the crowded scene. She wiped at her mouth and a hand went to the plugpoint where her medcomp should be, which it wasn't. She nodded. Right. Left without full gear. Her eyes were still on the warrior girl. Davonae's comments were spot on. The fierce one looked so much like her it hurt deep in her chest. Zero's heart thudded and she focused on proper breath.

The woman moved with so much more grace than her memory of her sister. This was no ghost. No miracle. But Zero feared what it might mean. The chill in her chest fluttered and spiked into her. Everything about this warrior reminded her uneasily of the dream conversation with her young self. Her senses whirled and shock chilled her limbs. The pounding of her heart ripped into a frantic beat. Zero heard the suitcomp repeat a query on the inline as the warrior's face, as much her own face, swam in harsh light. She'd forgotten how to breathe. Her sister! Alive!! Family?

~Provide command. Strider registers unstable bio-metrics. Alert! Bio-metric outside acceptable range. Medcomp not equipped to system. Provide command.~

Zero tried to say something; warn Vors, or apologize. Her head was too fast, too bright. She backed up to the railing and grabbed hard when it bumped into her hand. Zero sagged with shock and whispered, "Davonae?" Zero took a breath slowly but it did not seem to be enough. A part of her training made her grope for the missing medcomp.

[Arref stage cues: Zero is in total shock. Depending on character moves, she may not move at all for a while.]

Davonae heard the whisper and silently moved to Zero's side. She placed her hand softly upon the woman's upper arm and moved to meet her gaze.

"Are you all right?" Davonae's breathed. The girl took but a moment to sort through the scene they had just witnessed. "You don't know that woman, do you? I'm sorry if my words caused you pain. I..." She stopped herself. What was there to say? Instead she turned to face the others.

"I am afraid I am not a healer and can do very little for the injured man. I also suspect my friend here may need some herbs or a fermented beverage to calm her emotions. Does anyone have such a thing on them? I don't usually carry a skin about."

"I don't commonly carry such on me" the tall dark haired woman with the shield said. "That's what taverns are for."

"Tolerance" Vors said to Zero "You're in shock, you need to lie down." His eyes moved from Zero to study the woman who was her twin.

The familiar voice touched Zero. She looked at Vors.

Aranwen glanced at the distress woman and the man with her, but only for a second, and she did not move from her defensive position.

Tamas looked back up from the prone tailor, and studied the people at the remains of his door and their reactions. "I'm afraid any alcoholic beverages that were in here did not survive my contact with a higher power;" he said wryly.

Mukyu caught with her left hand at the small red jade ring on a thick silver chain that had slipped out of her kimono during the dash down the hallway, or perhaps when she offered not-herself the bow. It was an unconscious gesture that didn't seem to offer the reassurance the young pilot expected. At the suggestion of a medic she too had reached for something that wasn't apparent. She fell back on her training and suggested, "I've a med kit in my survival pack, back in our bath, Sir."

Zero realized something could be wrong with her stillsuit. She knew it was talking to her but she could not make out the data. She lifted her left hand to her chest touching her sternum. Her grip on the wood rail grew tighter. Grandmother would know what to do. Oh, such a cruel thought for now. Another ghost.

Mukyu also confirmed to the young woman in robes supporting the Other, "And a flask of something strong. I'll get them both if you wish."

"Go then and return with the items; if you please, miss;" Tamas replied with a grateful tone.

"Come" the tall woman said to Mukyu. "I will escort you."

(Exeunt Mukyu and Minerva)

From the opposite direction that Mukyu and Minerva left, five more figures were coming up the hallway; a young woman and an older man leading two more men and a woman.

(Enter Araqiel and Mari)

The fox started to relax as the un-introduced woman left with Mukyu, only to have more strangers advance. She spared them all a second scream, but the bark she used instead had all the audible grace of a ballpeen hammer to the eardrums. It was followed by a sullen grumble, her ears flat and sticking out from the side of her head like horns as she stood her ground, however broken it might be.

Zero whispered aloud, "I'm fine. I just need to warm up. It's cold in here." She should stop embarrassing herself and go lie down. Her heart hurt. Vors was right. He often was. Except if she let go of the railing, she'd fall down.

Davonae closed the distance between herself and Zero as she wrapped a hand about her arm. She whispered quietly, "I am here for you." Offering support was the way of her people - the people who raised her and loved her and gave her the strength and confidence to stand here now even as so many newcomers arrived. It was what she knew and all she could fall back on.

The raven-headed man flowed like shadows beside his exquisite companion. He paused at the hallway's mid-ground, examining the group with hollow eyes. The bark, he recognized, smiling behind the bone-mask.

The skull retreated, revealing the olive-skinned man beneath. "Keskin sirke kupune zarar verir, Aranwen. Is that any way to greet an old friend?" Araqiel said.

At her name, the speaker revealed, Aranwen perked up, focused intently and then answered with a chirp and a toothy grin. She shifted, dancing in place, caught between the impulse to go greet and her need to guard the entrance to her new, now damaged den. She ducked her head, whiskers twitching, almost settling, but trying to watch all the humans.

Tamas had begun to relax a bit. He continued to observe the various people and their actions while tending to Bei. "Aranwen;" he said calmly. "Go say hello if you wish."

Mari stood near Araqiel but she was not going to test the beautiful fox, she knew how she would feel if people were crowding her during a disturbance. She bowed her head to Aranwen and looked over, "Can I be of help? I am a healer among my own people." she offered.

Renny had been standing behind Aranwen, quietly blocking others' way into the room. When she heard Mari's offer, she finally stood down out of the way, giving Mari a clear path to reach Bei. Then she added, "As-salam alaykom, Araqiel," nodding to him.

"Rica ederim, Ranait-bey," Araqiel replied, touching his lips and forehead. "Mari hanım is a friend. You may trust her skills, as much as her heart."

Mari's daggers vanished away and she moved towards the downed one. When she reached Bei she knelt down and began to check the injured person. "What happened?" she asked as she studied the situation.

"Head hurts" Bei said woozily.

Aranwen glanced up at Renny, over at Araqiel, and sidestepped to allow the woman into the room, but Fox watched closely as the stranger approached Tamas.

Araqiel stepped closer and then knelt near Aranwen, "Fear not, Silver One. She shall help your friend." His gaze lifted to Renny, "We heard an explosion."

Aranwen watched the woman near Tamas another moment, looked up at Araqiel again, studying his face, took a last look around and then gave herself a good shake. Her reply to Araqiel amounted to a warble with some clattering and a high-pitched, clipped bark of disbelief as she look around the room. She yammered another thought and sat down next to Araqiel to watch everyone else.

Tamas looked from Araqiel to Mari. "Bei, the tailor, was present when Pasiap and I made our... First meeting or encounter. What you see is the result." Tamas waved a hand at the damage. "Head wound, possible concussion, nothing else reported," he said to Mari.

Mari's quick investigation of Bei revealed to her skills the scalp-bleeding wound, the clear signs of concussion that Tamas indicated. Further investigation by Mari of the woozy Bei suggests a possible hairline fracture of his right wrist, as well, and some abrasive wounds on exposed skin.

Voices murmured in the fox's room and people nearby spoke outside the exegesis, or the pounding of her heart somehow faulted the process, for their sounds meant nothing to Zero. Yet memory burned away years when Davonae spoke, 'I am here for you.' Zero heard the tones and she was three years old for an instant. She breathed properly again, it was easier. "Yes, Mémé. I'll be OK." She smiled at Davonae, finally placing the voice, if not the face. Wasn't one more impossible thing only the new course of the Infinite Universe? Sure. The day her mother's grandmother had given her the ring. The foolish fall from the third floor balcony. Zero lifted the hand from her chest to touch Davonae's shoulder lightly. "I'm not hurt. I'm not even crying."

The girl smiled gently, "Not all pain comes with tears." Davonae slid her hand from Zero's arm downward, until their hands were clasped. With a gentle squeeze she added, "No matter what, I think you are still better off than the tailor."

"The matter of the woman who appears to resemble Zero should be answered." Vors said. "But not now, and not here."

Keeping a firm grip on Zero's hand, Davonae nodded her agreement.

(Enter Azara and Clement)

Seconds later, the pale-haired Moira brought Azara and Clement in her wake. The latter was an older man, already dressed for dinner; at that moment, though, he looked more like he could use a cigarette. He looked around with a raised eyebrow. "Yes, I imagine this would be strong enough to have damaged the library."

Tamas looked from Mari and Bei as yet more people arrived. "Quite," he said, "Pasiap introduced herself."

Mari quickly removed her small kit from her belt and began to treat the easier wounds. When she was done she took a breath, "I don't know if this will work... it works where I am from but I will try..." she placed her hands gently on Bei's head and focused her energy, making her best effort to heal.

Tamas turned his attention back to Mari and the tailor; curious as to what she was attempting to do, and to see if it worked.

As three more people approached, Aranwen sprang lightly to her feet and moved directly toward the doorway and the newest group of strangers. She rasped a warning, favoring the trio with a hard stare as she imposed herself, sort of blocking the way into the room.

"That," Davonae whispered to Zero, "is a most unusual animal. In fact, this is a most unusual group. I suppose I wasn't expecting anything less."

Zero felt steadiness returning slowly to her limbs through the warm handclasp. She straightened her knees so that Vors could see she was better already. Mémé Davonae radiated a pleasant security and Zero leaned into her. Foolish really. Zero wanted to banish the chill but Davonae's heat could not pass through the stillsuit. Still she focused on the comment and whispered, "Kijhsune. Not an animal. It is an energy being---if you believe in fantasy holos."

"I think the probability of that being her nature is non-trivial." Vors said to Davonae and Zero. "More data and study will be needed."

Araqiel, recognizing the issue was well in hand, moved to Aranwen's side. "We have more friends than enemies, Aranwen. Your caution is commendable."

Aranwen's ears tilted to acknowledge him, but her gaze stayed on the newcomers.

Curious, Renny had moved over closer to Mari. What she was doing resembled no doctor Renny had ever seen before. She did spare a glance to check on the newcomers, decided they did not seem actively hostile, and went back to watching Mari. ~If they try something Aranwen will slow them down enough for me to draw,~ Renny thought.

Araqiel bowed his head to the new arrivals, "You are friends, I hope." The shadows of his cloak rippled; although it may have been a trick of the light.

Seeing everyone in the scene, especially the silver fox that just barked at him and the man apparently wearing a bone exoskeleton, Clement's other eyebrow joined his first somewhere around his hairline. "Enchante," he said, bowing back. Slowly. "And you, too, Monsieur Renard." He didn't step any closer.

Both of the newly-arrived young women were hanging back behind the older man. The one on the right wore a black robe like the older man's (and several of the other people), with the addition of a dark blue scarf wound around to cover her hair and neck. She serenely studied the crowded scene, especially the fox. When Araqiel appeared, she glanced up at him, then away, then suddenly back, her eyes slowly widening.

Araqiel's dark eyes touched hers, a polite smile on his lips. He touched his mouth and fore head with a bone-laced hand in silent greeting.

Embarrassed to be caught staring, Azara managed an equally polite smile and nod, and finally looked away.

There did feel to be a weak energy direction from Mari's hands. She found herself frustrated, though. She should have been able to fully heal the man, to channel the local esoteric energies and transmogrify those energies into a healing factor through her mediation. But those energies were unfamiliar, didn't feel right to her. The amount of healing she managed was small. Enough to slow the bleeding the head wound but nothing more. She did feel, though, that if she were trained in how the flows of energy worked here, and how to harness them, she could heal here just as she could back home.

Mari looked up, "I managed to slow the bleeding but I am not as practiced using the powers here. I have bandaged his other injuries, and I'm certain he has a possible skull fracture and should be watched carefully." She relinquished her spot to the Chamberlain and his people to take the Tailor to the healers. She stepped back towards Uther and Araqiel, to see where they would be going next.

"I think you need to learn how to harness Essence flows *here*" Uther said to Mari. "And then you will be able to heal people as you do in your Gossamer World."

"This is Clement and Azara" The pale haired servant said. She looked about and then stiffened slightly. "Lord Kido comes!"

Indeed, with three servants in his wake, the Chamberlain arrived at the scene. His eyes did not linger on the damage but focused on Tamas.

"Congratulations on your Second Breath milord Tamas." he said. He then looked down at Aranwen. "Guarding the room and your lord, as is right and proper. We would like to enter, and bring Bei to the infirmary. May we?"

Tamas stood up from Bei's side. "Lord Kido," Tamas acknowledged him. "Please, come in and have Bei taken to your infirmary." Tamas looked over at Aranwen and said, "Aranwen, it's all right, let them in if you would. They are here for Bei."

Aranwen had looked up at Kido, tail swaying as if she might wag it, her ears adjusting to track the conversations around her. She did not yield, but she turned when Tamas called to her, ears swiveling toward him as well. Accepting Tamas judgement, she lifted her triangular face to regard Kido, answered in a chirpy yip and backed up out of his way. She parked next to Araqiel, leaving enough space between them that she could sit and wrap her tail around her feet without even the white tip touching him. From there, her gaze went from one group to another, watching everyone curiously.

Kido paused and looked at the group in general "As far as the rest of you, especially you, Tamas, I would recommend that we all adjourn to the Rose Petal room for dinner. After a second breath, rest and food are strongly recommended. Your body and mind have undergone quite a shock."

Tamas considered that. Considered that Kido had not used either his rank or title and called him by his first name without having asked that privilege. Then he glanced around the damaged room, and squelched that thought process. Enough demonstrations for one night he decided.

"I think that is an excellent suggestion, my lord," Tamas replied evenly. "I think we all could do with a drink and some food." He then waited for the others to respond.

Zero half-nodded. Yes. Good idea. Sitting and some food would improve everything. Hadn't the Warrior said she'd bring a jolt of something back? She was sure she'd missed some names and half the comments here. She blushed and whispered to Davonae, "If you do not mind, I'll just hold your hand as we go." Zero tentatively let go of the handrail and concentrated on good breath control.

Davonae nodded her agreement and gave Zero's hand a gentle squeeze. "Yes, an excellent idea" Vors said. He flanked Zero for Davonae.

Araqiel stepped back from the scene. "Retiring for the moment holds its appeal. We should allow our comrades to recover at their own pace, without a dozen new faces staring down upon them."

"Yes, let us leave the expert medical care to the experts," Clement said. "Of which I am not. Not exactly. I'd prefer good food and wine and sparkling conversation. Did I mention, Chamberlain, there's a plant I know of from the Amazon, the locals use it for head trauma? A combination antibiotic, anti-nausea, and analgesic, with no effect on hemostasis. I wonder if my newly-found draconic sponsor would let me produce one after dinner."

"I suspect it unlikely, milord" Kido said.

Clement gave a glance around the room and added, "Maybe I'll try it outside."

"That is my plan, too," Azara said, turning toward Kido. "Oh, and thank you for your help, Moira." On the last part, she pitched her voice so that Kido couldn't miss what she said.

"You are welcome, Lady Azara" Moira replied. Her voice was much quieter by comparison.

(Re-Enter Mukyu and Minerva)

The young woman dressed in a black robe that had promised medical supplies returned, a grey framepack covered with subtle grey cloth over one shoulder, the taller dark haired warrior woman with a shield following. Mukyu unslung the pack and set it at her feet, which were now covered with boots. She had left the long curved blade on her left hip and a pistol rode in a holster that matched the boots was on the right. Her focus was on the injured and the Field Marshall as she came through the door.

"I've the kit if it's still needed, but I'm unsure as to how the power cells will work here," Mukyu addressed those tending to the tailor. "But I can start an intravenous line without the vein mapper for replacing fluids," she offered.

Renny smiled to see Mukyu rejoin them. "Let's get this done so we can have some dinner," she said.

Davonae shifted her gaze to Zero. "Yes, I think we could all do with some food and drink." Turning her attention to Mukyu, the girl added, "And I think we may have a thing or two to talk about as well. This promises to continue to be quite an interesting day." be continued directly in Breath of Earth

GameLogs (casting in order of appearance first time for Zero)
Casting call: Grace Park as Davonae
Casting call: Gal Godot as Minerva Springs
Casting call: Rinko Kikuchi as Lt Mukyu
Casting call: Pierce Brosnan as Wolfe
Casting call: Aranwen
Casting call: Michelle Williams as Capt Renny
Casting call: Mari
Casting call: Alexander Siddig as Araqiel
Casting call: Clement
Casting call: Azara

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