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Marissa Drake Shadow: Earth Prime

Marissa grew up on a different version of Earth than the standard. On her world, supernatural races and humans existed in relative peace, not to say they were placid or just peace lovers, there were wars and skirmishes between the races. There were even wars that sent some races into extinction, the Gargoyles being one such race as well as the Dragons, both were destroyed during the Medieval Era of her world.

The Fey and some of the other supernatural races merely went into hiding coming out once the world settled again. Their history is longer than Earth 1Ö which technically would make them Earth 1 but they donít make distinctions.

Marissa is Fey on her motherís side, during the last great war, an invasion by an alien race, Marissaís mother Viviane met a man who came to aid their people. She had a brief fling and then he was gone. Some months later, Marissa came into being.

Viviane and her people are aware of the Door and the Staircase, she knows Marissaís father was a Warden and so she protects the door, keeping it safe until such time as her lover returns. She actually built a keep near her home around the door, it is guarded at all times. Both to keep it safe and prevent invasion from the door.

When the war ended, Earth Prime was devastated, in itís 23 Century it reverted to a government of City-States ruled by the strongest and fiercest. The City-State of Avalon is ruled by Viviane Drake, Marissaís mother. Avalon is one of the stronger city states housing most of the remaining supernatural races and a few humans. This makes their City-state very powerful, though often puts them under attack. Some Humans feel that it is the Fey and Supernatural races that caused the War, they donít believe in the Alien infestation that other have spoken of, so they try to undermine and attack.

Marissa has grown up studying medicine and using her Fey powers. She has trained with some of the best Assassins in her land and is considered a deadly adversary. She has slipped in and out of other City-States, taking out the enemies of her people. Her study of medicine not only helped her in treating illness and injury but in killing, she knows just where to strike and how to kill without leaving marks. But she only uses her talents in protection of her Homeland.

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