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House Mnemon:

  • House Head: Mnemon, the House Founder herself
  • Dominant Element: Earth
  • Home Base: The Dragonspire Fastness
  • Symbol: White Dragon, Black Field

House Mnemon would be one of the most powerful Houses in the Empire even if its House Founder, Mnemon, daughter of the Empress, were not alive and well. A potent sorceress, perhaps the best in the Empire, Mnemon is considered by many the likely and logical successor should something happen to the Empress. It is well known that Mnemon believes this to be true as well. She is also known to be loyal to her mother and given her immortality and given her power...Mnemon is patient.

Many Mnemon Dragon Bloods aspect to the element of Earth, as does their House Head. Also like their House Head, practical sorcery is an important part of a Mnemon's education. House Mnemon often attracts and induces Lost Eggs with aptitude in the esoteric arts to join their House.

Prominent Mnemons:

Mnemon -The head of House, the House Namer, and the Heir Apparent to the Empire


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