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6. When Presenting Dialog, Use The Correct Encapsulating Characters To Help Identify How The Dialog Is Being Heard By Others:
The correct dialog conventions are as follows:

  • "Use quotation marks here," the speaker said aloud.
  • *Asterisks are used here,* came a voice over the radio.
  • <<Double angled brackets are an indication of a foreign language being spoken,>> said a voice in perfectly accented Vordanian.
  • ::Typed text, such as that appearing in a book or in a newspaper, should appear in double colons,:: the hero read.
  • ~Cedillas are used here,~ the man thought to himself.
  • ^Odd little hats are used here,^ came the mysterious telepathic voice in your head.
continued from The Limits of Infinity
Guest Palace
“...Indeed, Davonae and Clement could, through a few umbrella pines, see a colonnaded entrance to a large palace, the road the carriage had traveled on and they now walked on foot ending in a large traffic circle with a fountain in the center of it, the water shooting high into the air. The fountain was in the shape of a dragon, the water emerging from its upturned mouth.”

Kido said as he looked to Zero and Vors. "Anything else?"

"Perhaps tea for three more as well." came a voice from the open doorway.

Kido turned to regard the three people there. Two of them were twins, with white hair, and the third with darker hair, and younger. Lorinne looked up as well.

“Senator Lorinne,” One of the white haired women said, bowing her head even as her counterpart did.

“Ah, the famous Peleps twins.” Lorinne said. She looked at the woman and the man. “Zero, Vors, these are Phoebe and Selene of the House Peleps, only the third known pair of twins to ever both exalt as Wardens. And you must be their Lost Egg.” The red haired woman looked at Davonae expectantly.

The girl bowed her head as the hint of a smile flickered about her lips. "I am called Davonae," she said with quiet confidence as her posture straightened. Though small of stature, she appeared lithe and athletic in build. As the smile blossomed, she continued on, "It is a pleasure to meet you all." Her dark, almond shaped eyes sparkled with excitement.

~Systems Green. Check cycles. One. Two. Three. Systems Actionable. No sharpgun detected. No geoposition detected. Alert position sent: Scout in Field without full combat rig. No response from CityCentComp. All mods accepted.~

^Watch out, there's something he's not telling us. Danger!^ be continued

Casting call: Grace Park as Davonae

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