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When Presenting Dialog, Use The Correct Encapsulating Characters To Help Identify How The Dialog Is Being Heard By Others:
The correct dialog conventions are as follows:

  • "Use quotation marks here," the speaker said aloud.
  • *Asterisks are used here,* came a voice over the radio.
  • <<Double angled brackets are an indication of a foreign language being spoken,>> said a voice in perfectly accented Vordanian.
  • ::Typed text, such as that appearing in a book or in a newspaper, should appear in double colons,:: the hero read.
  • ~Cedillas are used here,~ the man thought to himself.
  • ^Odd little hats are used here,^ came the mysterious telepathic voice in your head.
continued from ARiverRunsThroughIt
Guest Palace
Davonae Mukyu Renny Zero
The servant, however, produced a light from somewhere, something like a lamp, casting a soft bluish light. It was that light that gave illumination enough for all to follow along a series of paths that eventually led to the gurgling of water, and the small river, the stream. A bridge of wood crossed it, a light on this bridge similar to the one the servant carried. Just upstream of the bridge, the waters were full of rocks, flowing over them with eagerness. Those waters turned somewhat more placid on the downstream side of the bridge, as the stream widened, and the rocks were submerged.

It was beautiful. The heavy sky of stars nearly gave it all the feel of a dream. Zero smiled.

Keys had disappeared. Vors waved them off into the night with a thoughtful expression. Renny and Mukyu quietly insisted the experience would not quite work with a sentry watching. And with only an exchanged look and a shrug, Davonae and Zero picked up their gear and clothes to follow the two pilots.

... to be continued

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