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Talamh an Éisc NPCs

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Renny's Parents

Renny's father.
Renny's mother.

Their Surviving Children, in birth order

Gerald Jr (age 26)
Malachy (age 24)
Renny (age 23)
Jacob (age 22)
Wife Orlaith ("Orla")
Tinny (age 16)
Alan (age 15)

Crew of the John D. Lees

Michael Keillor
First officer.
Hilbert Jones
Renny’s navigator, mathematician, all around brain guy. He stays behind on the Lees when there’s blood, since his brain is far more valuable than his passable skills with a pistol.
Leo Pittman
One of the older members of the crew, Pittman has vast experience around the world as a merchant sailor, and is a fair hand at a number of different languages.
The Girls from Judique
Two girls from Judique, Nova Scotia. Athdara is perhaps the fiercest warrior on the crew, Sìne is a spectacular fiddler.
The ship's engineer. She's fascinated with mythology.
The ship's doctor.

Notable Citizens

John Duval
Dance master, formerly of Dublin, now of St. John's. Recently created a new quadrille set, The Lancers, which is all the rage in Talamh an Éisc. (Real historical figure, transplanted.)
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