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Tactical Assault Strike Command

The combat arm of the Third Alliance for Humanity.

Rating Ground Navy
O-10 General Admiral
O-09 Lieutenant General Vice Admiral
O-08 Major General Rear Admiral
O-07 Brigadier General Commodore
O-06 Colonel Captain
O-05 Lieutenant Colonel Commander
O-04 Major Lieutenant Commander
O-03 Captian Lieutenant
O-02 Lieutenant Lieutenant Junior Grade
O-01 Second Lieutenant Ensign
E-7 First Sergeant Chief Petty Officer
E-6 Staff Sergeant Petty Officer First Class
E-5 Sergeant Petty Officer Second Class
E-4 Lance Corporal or Specialist Petty Officer Third Class
E-3 Superior Private Seaman First Class
E-2 Private First Class Seaman Second Class
E-1 Private Seaman Third Class
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