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The Palace of Vines is located within a thin valley a day’s ride to the north of Arjuf, a sprawling estate set amidst a mossy forest of linden trees. The manse is home to much of House Ledaal, administered by the Ledaal Caros household, and is known for its beautiful gardens and extensive occult libraries.

The design of the manse is such that the natural quiet of the place is bolstered, the silence serene and seeming by its very nature to encourage contemplation. The walls are covered with vines in every shade of green, their growth impossible to control, though they do not seem driven to entangle books upon the library shelves. In many alcoves, open to the sky, vines produce sweet berries in all manner of colors, a favorite treat of Ledaal children.

The most famous landmark in the Palace is the moon pond at its center, reflective water set in a beautiful garden, considered one of the most romantic places in the Realm. Other gardens are equally spectacular, including extensive rock formations and two with waterfalls, one of which hides a sheltered cave.

Other than gardens and libraries, the Palace includes quarters for guests, families, and household slaves, kitchens, extensive horse stables, offices and study chambers, laboratories, a theatre for performances and presentations (used mostly by House Ledaal sorcerers presenting research findings), secured summoning chambers, and other facilities needed by the Dynasts of the House. Several meeting chambers, with shutters closed against wayward breezes, are scattered about the manse to provide venues for House elders to plan the course of the family. One long garden has been cleared of trees and fitted with targets for the practice of archery and thrown weapons. Immaculate shrines are common, the largest being to the Immaculate Dragon Mela, with others dedicated to the remaining Immaculate Dragons and several to one or more of the Five Maidens.

A single road leads southward out of the valley, passing through sugar cane plantations to reach the Great Coast Road and the city of Arjuf. A path leads northward from the manse as well, to a staircase carved into the steep cliff of the valley walls. At the top can be found the Armillary Dome, a domed structure of lapis and bronze within which complex mechanisms trace the course of constellations and track the passage of time to precise degrees (important in sorcery and artifice). Some younger Ledaal of the air aspect descend back to the valley by leaping from the cliff, but the House elders view this as decidedly immature.

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