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Given Name: Keys

Casting: Lori Petty

Starting World: Sigil

Element: Unknown

Description: Humanoid, female, faint bluish tint to skin. Lizard feet and lower legs. Slight reptilian appearance in face and rest of body.

Talents: Smart, damage resistance, tough, fast, claws for weapons, sees in the dark. Opens doors.

Keys had been around the hive and lower ward for as long as she, or anyone else, could remember. Short, fast, tough: tiefling. The bluish tint to her skin was almost celestial. The scales, the feet... not so much. Didn't speak much, but spoke surprisingly clearly when she did in spite of the half forked tongue.

Rumor had it a Dabus left her, a baby swaddled up, smack dab in the center of the great market. Just put her down and walked away. Another rumor says she hatched from a scorched egg in the shattered temple. Another rumor says she wandered into Sigil through a door as a toddler. No one who knows though is talking. But everyone who knows Keys knows the Dabus watch her when she's near them.

But no one can deny Keys has the way with Doors. She has the knack of them, figuring out their portal key, where they go, how long they last. She's started making a bit of Jink selling her knack. Factions are wanting her to join them, but it's hard to get face time with someone who can walk out a door anytime.

With a knack like that everyone know's it's only a matter of time before the Lady does something about her. The Lady doesn't like someone with the keys to her doors...

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