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Ka El NPCs

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(sketch outline to assist the GM with personal shadow narrative)

Council of Rao, Twenx, last city of Ka El (none of the remaining Clan families were founded in Twenx, which is a smaller modern city of the nation. The Archives of Rao are under council jurisdiction. Twenx city and defended precincts is the Resistance.) Also note the original name for the Council was the Resistance. Rao is a life philosophy of the people of the world, which holds that 'life always finds a way'.

Field Commander Lektor Virago, head of Resistance council, senior guardian of Clan, acting Seneschal of Twenx
Captain Zizkal Geese, Resistance council, senior archeologist of Clan, acting Mother Archivist of Rao
Mentat Bosso, Resistance council, nanodroid, chief liaison with the Cryptechs (nanotech gone wild)
Mentat Fal Booth, Resistance council, strategist, invoker
Mentat Huron Qwell, Resistance council, strategist, wrighter

Clan Lektor (philosophy guardian, approx. 1400 remain)

Commander Lektor Meth, acting senior guardian
Commander Lektor Junz, acting senior archivist

Clan Zizkal (philosophy science, approx. 900 remain)

Host Zizkal Meth, senior mentat
Strider Zizkal Holm, senior archivist

Clan Fal (philosophy psi, approx. 500 remain)

Host Fal Dris, senior phantom
Strider Fal Bu, senior archivist
Strider Fal Kennis, senior psi

Resistance notables in Zero’s circle

Strider Huron Tallis (extraction)
Strider Forst Junell (combat)
Mentat Toolei Vors (science) casting: Blake McIver Ewing
Mentat Toolei Carns (nanotech)

Clans extinct or non-functional
(may have been 30 clans originally) (approx 200 people clanless, orphaned and yet gathered into the Resistance Council)
(nanodroids do not have clans, as far as we know in narrative)

Forst (philosophy worldcare)
Huron (philosophy science)
Kel (philosophy polybio)
Libris (philosophy archives)
Socean (philosophy worldcare)
Tolerance (philosophy science)
Toolei (philosophy nanotech)

A word about Clan philosophy:
Founding a Clan in the legendary beginnings of Ka El age of supremacy meant acquiring resources and attracting practical application of distinguishing knowledge. In short, the focus of a family might never be 100% any sort of knowledge, but the breakthrough ambition and success, including the continuation of that success for thousands of years, became the philosophy associated with the Clan.

A word about Rao philosophy:
Forst Rao was a man in the legendary beginnings of Ka El. He is most known for the tenets of Rao, and a life philosophy which holds that ‘life always finds a way’. There are extensive writings archived that are attributed to Rao. During the War of Will, the tide of the civil conflict turned when the supporters of construct sentience tied their goals to the teachings of Rao.

Some fun (earth gossamer) examples:
Microsoft will be known for science
Ford will be known for nanotech or crafting
Washington will be known for stewardship or community guardians
Sierraclub will be known for worldcare
Johnshopkins will be known for polybio

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