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Gossamer World: Talamh an Éisc

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Technology Technology is Earth's 1850 level + dirigibles
Magic Some magic exists, but it is not well-known.
Security Open
Type Ordinary Gossamer World
Control None
Known Doors Notre-Dame de Paris
Special Origin of Renny
Influence on Powers
Eidolon Average
Umbra Average
Wrighting Average

This world is an alternate Earth that branches off somewhere in the second half of the 18th century. The current year is 1820. Napoleon's France rules supreme in Western Europe, including Britain and Ireland. The leadership of Britain escaped to the United New English Colonies (which includes Ontario and the Maritime Provinces, capital is Boston). Many notable types from Ireland escaped to Newfoundland, which is now styled Talamh an Éisc, though it still has very significant English and Scottish population. France, meanwhile, maintains New France (Quebec more or less) and New Orleans. The current state is something of a lukewarm war; Napoleon would love to stamp out UNEC, but even with this world's steam technology, extending his power across the Atlantic has proved challenging. UNEC has chartered many privateers to help interdict shipping from France to the New World; captured ships are slowly building a proper navy for them.

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