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Gossamer World: Ka El

  • Technology: High. Anomaly Engines/Infinite Renewable power. Computer nano artificial intelligence. Some rare AI are sentient (a process that is documented but not well understood due to other priorities of Science).
    • Computers interface readily by language but complex interaction shall involve more specific inputs.
    • Nano builder mutations and Builder Hiveminds gone into the wild due to the Dwimmerlaik Destruction of the original organics in charge.
  • Magic Level: average
  • Security: Broken, overrun during the Dwimmerlaik Destruction
  • Type: Personal Domain
  • Control: None

Influence on the Powers:

  • Eidolon: Above Average
  • Umbra: Below Average (but some disaster areas)
  • Wrighting: Weak (in keeping with the low mana level)
  • Special: Hazards
    • With the lack of humans, the destroyed ecology is in the process of being renewed and tended by the surviving computer nano life forms. Some Builder Hiveminds are hostile due to war trauma. World is regressed to 90% wilderness due to broken civilization (ecology is reclaiming urban centers).
    • The wilderness is dangerous and humans need survival gear/rations/weapons to move about the untended landscape.
    • Human population is under 3000.
    • With the planet largely unpopulated, arriving without access to communication strands you without basic support.
  • Door to Infinite Stair is in Twenx, the last city held by the populace. Creche 6 Door is in a high security area. Compscans will not notice Door operation, but will react to unknown persons moving through the chambers. Security Alert is almost immediate in stepping away from the Door.
    • There were three other Doors to Ka El used by Dwimmerlaik?. These Doors were destroyed at the retreat of the invader.
  • Ka El NPCs
  • the War of Will, also known as the Five Clans War, was a three year civil conflict where the long standing relationship between construct sentience and born sentience was changed from enslaved constructs to a moral equality. The Dignity Charter ended the conflict when all Clans agreed to the Charter of rights. The rights do not apply to machines or other demonstrably non-sentient constructs. From the perspective of the current conflict with the Dwimmerlaik, it should be noted that the War of Will never involved weapons and was civil unrest on an unprecedented scale. Deaths were caused by riots, crowd injuries, demonstrations of conviction, and some unfortunate suicides. The final number of casualties was over a billion sentients, of which seventy percent were organic.
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