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Among the infinite gossamer worlds across the multiverse, Evomere or simply The Void is a fading, though still significant reality, slowly consumed by the continuous war between Eidolon and Umbra. And though the tenuous balance is maintained, each battle consumes more and more of this space between worlds. This makes it a dangerous place to explore, if rewarding to those that take the chance that it offers. Evomere is a well known and tactically significant gossamer world, though it's many dangers make it less so than it might otherwise be. No one Gossamer Lord holds sway over the reality, though several attempt to eke out their own space. But this is a risky proposition at best, as at any time, one of the flare ups can occur at any location, and even though there have been several attempts to predict these anomalies, none have proven ultimately successful. They range from very small effects, to large, catastrophic conflicts, though thankfully the larger manifestations are not very common.

Even the obvious risks, many choose to use it as a staging point- claiming entire solar systems as their Domain and attempting to shape it to their will and hold off the manifestations within their area of claim. Others use it as a route between worlds, as it touches so many, and can serve as a bridge between very disparate areas of the Grand Stair. As such, the technology, while varied, is very advanced, driven by the Gossamer Lords over time to become quite advanced, with many different manifestations of faster-than-light travel being evident in the varied civilizations.

This advance is not limited to forms of travel, and as such, many of the star-faring civilizations have advanced their technology to the point where it is indistinguishable from magic.

Evomere Domain Table

Technology Level: Post-Fusion
Security: Communication Barrier [1 Point]
Type: Primal World [4 points], (vast, with multiple simultaneous owners)
Control: None
Magic Level: Rare
Influence-Eidolon: Weak, except during Voidstorms
Influence-Umbra: Weak, except during Voidstorms
Influence-Wrighting: Blocked*
Special: Wrighting is only useful in localized areas, taking advantage of the characteristics of Voidstorms, and a technology that has spread uniformly through the void- the thoughtmitter. It's appearance and implementation varies, but it allows the user to tap into the vastness of the void, and the fact that remnants of Voidstorms are in some way linked.

For more information read the full listing.

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