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Technology Ruins, formerly equivalent to modern day Earth
Magic Wild, formerly commonplace, now the flow of magic is fractured and chaotic
Security None
Type Ordinary Gossamer World. Who wants to claim a ruined world?
Control None
Known Doors TBD
Special As below, origin of Tamas Wolfe
Influence on Powers
Eidolon Weak before the war, now even more so
Umbra Weak before the war, strong now sonce the Dwimmerlaik invaded and overran the place.
Wrighting Weak

Special: Caldria was once a vibrant, beautiful world, a variation of Earth if you will. Dominant political power was the Caldrian Empire (think British) who controlled their equivalent of the British Isles, Scandinavia, Australia, and North America. There were the equivalent empires of France, Spain, Roman, Prussia, Russia, Persia, India, Mongol, China, and Japan. Itís all gone now. Survivors, in scattered pockets or hidden underground enclaves, probably number less than a 100,000 all together. The world is a magical, umbral, nuclear winter/wasteland. The only known Door is on a ruined tower of Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight. There were others, if asked, Tamas believes the other doors were destroyed. This may be true.

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