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Name: Davonae Atua

Casting: Grace Park

Home World: Gossamer World Palm Sea

Element: Water


Davonae remembers it as a dream. Before this life, there was another; a mother that sang her to sleep and a father that held her tightly when the thunder rumbled across the sky. They brought her to Palm Sea, a small child fiercely gripping a small stuffed lion. She cried when they left. That she remembers. All else is naught but a blur, a space on the cusp of reality and childhood fantasy.
Sometimes her peers still ask her about her past. Though it has been more than fifteen years, the rumors and stories persist. She was delivered by the gods from the gates of the Underworld, the elders say; a gift to them for lives well lived. Not being of tribal blood, she is the ward of all. At times, this leads to a very lonely existence. Other times, there are simply too many offering their love and aid.
The tribe lives off the sea. They fish, dig for clams, dive for pearls. When Davonae began approaching womanhood, she often spent her days on the shore, helping as she could. A few years ago, she discovered she could dive deep and much longer than anyone else. In fact, being underwater seemed to have very little effect on her. The elders whispered that she must be immortal, a child saved from the underworld has cheated death after all.
Davonae doubts this line of reasoning but sees little reason to argue. The tribe is happy letting her spend her days beneath the waves harvesting pearls and looking for treasure. For the most part, she does as she pleases and no one seems to care. This suits her just fine.

Pregame Questions

Charles asked, "Have any hardships come to the tribe? How did Davonae deal with those times of struggle?"
Several years ago, a great tide over swept the Island. Lives were lost, ships were splintered into ruins, and most of their homes were damaged. It was a time of great sorrow yet also a time of great love. All of the members of the tribe pulled together to overcome the hardship. Other tribes sent aid. Even strangers from the Great Turtle City Atropos came to help them rebuild.

Davonae was on the verge of her teen years and had very little contact with anyone outside the tribe when the great tide came. Though, she would never wish for such destruction, she did welcome the opportunity to work alongside outsiders. Those that came from Atropos were the most fascinating. They looked so different and had many strange customs. She loved spending time with them and felt sad when they departed. One day, she plans to visit Atropos and learn more of their strange ways.
Jason asked, "Whatever happened to the lion she held?"
Sir Roars A Lot, Roary for short, is doing just fine despite the loss of a jeweled eye a year or two after his arrival in this land. He still occupies a place of honor on Davonae's shelf. Most days, he still gets to listen to the stories of the day and knows all about Davi's secret crush. Occasionally, he still even gets the cuddle with his girl at night but mostly those are the bad nights when tears fall uncontrollably. He prefers the shelf to heartache.
Sol asked, "Other than diving and harvesting pearls, what *does* she please to do?"
Some days, she goes out with the fishing vessels. The company is good and it allows her to occasional catch sight of Atropos. She is always eager to greet visitors to the Island though they do tend to be few and far between. Still, she loves to hear their stories and acts as the charming host. In the evening, she enjoys spending time sitting around the communal fires sipping fermented fruit drinks and watching the sunset. It is said that she can out drink most of her tribe mates.

Flirting is fun, though nothing has ever come of it. Davonae suspects most of the men near her age are somewhat fearful of her background. No one seems interesting in dating a child of the gods. There was this one encounter with a stranger from Atropos but it was little more then a night of kissing before he set off for parts unknown.
Kris asked, "What, if any, of the words does Davonae remember of the lullaby?"
Answer pending.
Bridgette asked, "Does Davonae have any she loves or trusts or shares her treasures with?"
Answer pending.
Keith asked, "How often does she test her limits in regards to depth and time under water?"
Answer pending.
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