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Date Night

Planned (not so) romantic fiction for Mukyu.

The comm signalled her wingman's arrival a full twenty minues before the agreed upon time. "Frell." Mukyu knew that even that time was shifted a half and hour early because Dawn felt she would, "need some work," before they could hit the low-g clubs for the evening. She tied the arms of her shipsuit about her waist and turned back to the hatch and it's insistant comm treble. "Relax," she called while turning down the volume on the rec-sys. The hatch opened and Lieutenant (JG) Miles sauntered into the room. Dawn was the only woman on the station, well, the only pilot at least, that could pull off a saunter.

"Well," the redhead began, "I arrived before you made any bad choices, at least."

more later

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