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Name: Araqiel (AKA Abu Aajir "Father of Omens," Al-Ghurab-al-Ma'Raka "Raven of the Battlefield")

Casting: Alexander Siddig

Home World: Ossuary Empire

Element: Earth

Orphaned in the last years of the War of Deicide, Araqiel’s prospects as a Soporati - the lowest caste - on the streets of Parsa were decidedly grim. Fortunately, a local Magister recognized his magical affinities early on, and conscripted him into the army of Thagirion - one of the last remaining Dîv. Entranced by the Divine, the young boy eagerly accepted his place in the God’s service.

Behind the walls of Thagirion’s buyut al-hikma, Araqiel formative years involved studying Solomonic teachings, theurgy, and martial training. He took quickly to the education, but found serving the local community far more appealing than his darker purpose. Most believed he’d become a vizier - and spread the Divine’s Word through Sahr Astudan.

However, the War of Deicide couldn’t wait for him to grow up. Thagirion’s ceaseless blood feud required every Sahir-Magus under its influence - including a young boy barely in his teens. Any dreams of serving the people were stripped from him soon enough. Only the God’s war drove his purpose.

Assigned to the A'arab Zaraq - ‘The Ravens of Dispersion’ - Araqiel utilized his powers to blight and destroy in the Dîv’s name. Indoctrinated and constantly drugged, the teen never questioned the ‘justness’ of his actions - no matter how terrible. After destroying an entire village with ghouls, he gained the moniker Abu Aajir - ‘Father of Omens.’ The name struck fear in the hearts of enemies and innocents alike.

Following Thagirion’s death, the A'arab Zaraq became a mercenary company. - working for whatever God paid the highest. Araqiel’s service to the Ravens continued until the last two Dîv were consumed in the nuclear fire of the Blinding Sunset. With the Gods finally dead, the child soldier found himself left alone with his sins - and bereft of his theurgical powers. Everything he’d done had been for naught.

For some years, he wandered the ruined battlefields - lost of purpose, mad with guilt. At first, he sought his own death, unable to confront what he’d done. Yet, death refused to claim him. Instead, Araqiel was saved by the same people he’d once harmed. With a renewed purpose, he utilized his teachings to help rebuild and protect the communities shattered by the War.

While scavenging, he came across the bleached bones of a fallen God. Recognizing the power contained within the Dîv’s remains, Araqiel collected the bones and fashioned them into theurgical totems. He learned that dîvnbone allowed him to employ his mythical powers, and to weave reality according to his will.

Araqiel joined the virtual gold-rush that overtook Sahr Astudan, searching the ruins and wastelands for where the Dîv had perished. But, rather than collecting the priceless commodity for personal gain, he used Dîvnbone to help mend the damage inflicted by centuries of conflict. All in the vain hope he might wash away his countless sins.

This protectorship has brought him into conflict with the many caliphs and warlords throughout Sahr Astudan, including the Diamond Padisha. In a land where the wicked rule, compassion is a crime that cannot be forgiven.

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