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Allandra del Fontes

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Allandra del Fontes

Casting Call:
Mila Kunis

Allandra is the oldest child of an ancient but minor noble family of Udrian, in Jotria. Bright, cheerful, clever, and mischievous, her high marks in political science and history (first and second in her class, respectively), intelligence, and sunny personality led to her recruitment into Udrian's diplomatic corps immediately upon graduating University.

Appearance:\\ In her late 20s, of middling height (approximately 5'6") and average build, Allandra's skin has the color and texture of a ripe peach, with lustrous dark hair. Her eyes, a startling shade of orange, are slit, rather like a serpent or a feline, which is very rare among the people of Oshahara, though somewhat more common in her family line. Her ears are slightly pointed at the ends and can swivel somewhat, though the original ability of her race is much diluted through millennia of evolution.

Allandra's mother and father (Almina and Patyr) oversee their local province of Fontes, from which her mother's family derived its name. Allandra's younger brother, Delmin, is in his third year of University, studying music. Their youngest sister, Adele, is in secondary school.

As the eldest sibling, Allandra will one day take up residence in her ancestral home, and continue the work of governing the province as her mother's family has done for time out of mind.

Fontes Province is particularly known for its high-quality flax, which it sells to neighboring provinces for spinning, and for the yearly agricultural fair it hosts on behalf of the immediate area of the country.

Allandra has a pet bird (the closest analogy would be a crow, but with more colorful plumage), Scarpio, whom she found in the meadow behind her home, injured and starving. She healed his broken wing and he has been her constant companion ever since.

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