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Rhys is a maester-in-training at Castle Holdfast, working under the supervision of his great-uncle, Maester Sewell. Rhys assists Maester Sewell with his duties in House Hardy, and Maester Sewell is grooming Rhys to eventually take his place at Castle Holdfast.

Maester Sewell summoned Rhys partway through his studies to assist with the sick Lord of House Hardy, Oswain, wanting the benefit of Rhys's recent training. Rhys felt obligated to to go, as Maester Sewell has been funding his training at the Citadel. Rhys wears one link around his neck, a silver for healing, and plans to return to the Citadel at some undetermined point in the future to finish his maester training. In the meantime, he is continuing his studies under the tutelage of his great-uncle.

Rhys is friendly and generally easygoing. He has a sharp mind and is very interested in the natural world around him. He can often be found during the day walking in the woods surrounding Holdfast, looking for the odd plant to add to his medical stores, or at night gazing at the stars.

The character casting for Rhys is Matthew McConaughey. Rhy's player is Karen Klutzke.

A Quandry and a Solution, first installment of a background story for Rhys while he attended the Citadel.


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