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Maester Sewell

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A graduate of the Citadel in Oldtown, Maester Sewell is loyal to House Hardy and Holdfast Castle. He wears his bonds of love for the family as proudly as those metal ones he bears around his throat. Older than Lord Oswain, Sewell served Oswain’s father also. Though a skilled physician, he has thus far been unable to stem the affliction that has befallen Oswain, and he curses his inability to do so. Ravens frequently fly from his tower as he seeks counsel from his brother maesters, but none have provided adequate remedy. Maester Sewell is thin and old, a patchy beard trails down his chest; he has a look of profound melancholy perpetually upon his face, though it will readily break into a warm smile when he sees the children of House Hardy, his former charges.

Maester Sewell is an average experienced maester [Student, Scholar, and Maester Paths] with the North Background.

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