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Castle Holdfast

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House Hardy's seat is Holdfast Castle, an ancient edifice partly built during the Age of the First Men, or so it is said. If Holdfast was built around the same time as Moat Cailin, this would make the oldest parts of the structure 10,000 years old.

Holdfast Castle is located on the northern edge of the Wolfswood but south of the mountains, set back from the Kingsroad.

The ancient castle is immense and in terrible condition, with crumbling walls and a huge weirwood in its midst. Despite this, Holdfast Castle has been a good home to the Hardys, and the location between the Wolfswood and the mountains means it has rarely been assailed.

Holdfast Castle’s walls include an inner castle sheltering a weirwood, stables, a small tower for the maester’s use, a barracks, a smithy, ample storehouses, and other features standard to a house’s seat. The storehouses are the newest construction, and are perhaps in even better repair than the residential parts of the castle in some respects. While expansive, they are not as large as the granaries of Riverrun or Winterfell. While the Maester's tower has seen many recent renovations, these build atop the original construction. The granaries, on the other hand, were rebuilt almost from scratch. The "old granary" is supposedly the pile of loose stones near the western wall of the inner bailey, some charred with fire, others split from the heat.

Queenscrown is often sited as a 'typical' northern Holdfast. Castle Holdfast is bigger than Queenscrown, but smaller than Winterfell.

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