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The youngest of Boren Hextall and Rosemayre Hextall, Byron is barely a year older than his half brother Alexander Hex Hextall. Rosemayre died giving birth to Byron. Though never blamed by his family for his mother's death, Byron blamed himself and channeled his self hatred by tormenting his younger brother and dornish step-mother, Jayelle.

Jayelle was not one to stand for such behaviour long and quick put the fear of the gods in to the young Byron, who thereafter made it his life's mission to torment the young Alexander. The two boys were often pitted against one another in games and sports, and where the younger excelled in such pursuits Byron demonstrated neither talent nor interest. While Boren's other children pursued life in the military or service to the gods, Byron pursued only further debauchery.

Believing himself born to some great destiny, Byron is an easy mark for any passing hedge wizard or supposed priest promising rewards from dark powers. Paranoid by nature and inclination, Byron is unaware of the actual threat posed by his step mother whom he views with an unnatural prurient interest. Never one to pass on opportunity, Jayelle has encouraged her stepson's advances without blatantly acknowledging them. With Alexander so far north, Jayelle believes it wise to keep another arrow in her quiver.

Unknown to Jayelle, Byron has retained sell swords when circumstances allow to dispatch his younger brother.

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