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A child of the desert, Jayelle was born and raised as a sandy dornish nomad. Jayelle's father forged a loose alliance with other nomadic bands whose raids against House Wyl lands were beginning to present a genuine threat to the House's wealth and standing amonst other Houses of the stony dornish. To cement the alliance Jayelle was promised to the son of another warlord, Athrek. Though promised as chattel, Jayelle and Athrek were a true love match.

To break the raiders, House Wyl tasked Boren Hextall. An experienced soldier, if unimaginative general, Hextall pursued the sand warriors as a steward might exterminate an infestation of rats. Poison water holes, slaughter game, salt the fertile ground surrounding oasis. And wherever possible meet the enemy on open ground.

Hextall lost five armored knights to every bandit killed, but he could afford to lose ten and still maintain a numeric advantage. Faced not only with defeat, but virtual genocide, Jayelle's father was forced to bend the knee. The sandy dornish surrendered, allowed to keep their lands in exchange for service to House Wyl. Jayelle's betrothal was broken, and she was wed to Boren to seal the truce.

Her father may have surrendered, but Jayelle has kept a sandy heart. Jailed by a loveless marriage in the home of her enemy, she has used the weapons available to bring down House Wyl. When Boren proved sterile, she fathered a child (Alexander Hex Hextall) by her paramour Athrek. She has sown dissent amongst Boren's older children, with only the youngest boy now remaining at home.

She has raised Alexander to be her greatest weapon, insuring that he and his cousin Rhys were fostered by Athrek's people in the heart of the desert. Alexander's decision to leave the service of House Wyl has delayed her plan to eliminate Boren and raise Alexander to heir apparent. Delayed but not frustrated.

The desert scorpion is a patient predator.

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