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First son of a desert chieftan. Brave as a lion. As quick with his dual tulwars as a scorpion with it's stinger. Smart as an ox, but lovely to look at. Jayelle chose Athrek as her perfect prince from the time they were old enough to sleep in separate tents.

After the defeat of the dornish tribes by Boren Hextall, Jayelle was wed to the conquering general to seal the truce. The young dornish girl chose Athrek to accompany her as a body guard. When Boren proved incapable to fathering a child, Jayelle knew where to turn to produce an heir and secure her place in House Hextall. When Sander Hextall excelled at arms, Jayelle knew who to put in place as tutor and master at arms. Who better to prepare the young man for battle against the sandy dornish than her own body guard? And when the time came, who better than Athrek to accompany Sander deep into the sands and serve as interpreter.

Athrek has loved Jayelle since she was not but a girl, but is increasingly disturbed by the woman she has become. He came to House Hextall expecting to find Boren a cruel monster. Instead he found a sad old man who liked nothing better than to sit on the stone patios with his wife and children, and talk to the tribesman about the desert. While Jayelle portrayed her husband as an abusive and unfeeling brute, Boren would come frequently to Athrek for advice as to how to woo his distant bride; flowers of the desert to seed in their gardens, delicacies to place on their table, or jewels to purchase with the House's moderate wealth. The wealth itself, he was surprised to see, was mostly channeled back into the lands to provide aqueducts and other improvements. Boren's keep was a working fort, the furnishings spartan save for the exhorbitant fixtures Jayelle insisted on.

Athrek schooled young Sander Hextall in the puissant arts, and found a ready lad not the spoiled northman brat he had expected. A keen mind, and not afraid to take a blow in training if it would save him blood in true combat. When the time came, he accompanied the young Alexander Hex Hextall and his cousin Rhys back to the desert to insure they learned the ways of the tribes.

He has most recently been sent to accompany Sander on his mission to pacify rising disquiet among the tribes deep in the sands. He has been proud to serve the eldest Hextall child, proud to see the boy he knew become a man that treats the dornish tribes with the same respect he would accord a northern ruler.

But Athrek knows the time will come when Jayelle will send the word.

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