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The Jackal Within


The empire of Ankhana is stable for the first time in a generation. Emperor Ma'elKoth rules with a firm hand, and though not even he would say that his rule is totally benign, compared to the chaos of the Emperor Wars, it is a definite improvement- at least to those that do not run afoul of it.

There are those, however, who would take the anarchy over the rule of the Emperor, and who strive against him. Brutally suppressed wherever they are found, this underground resists extinction with the resiliency only those who are sure they are right can possess, though they have never been able to be anything but a thorn in the side of the Emperor- until now.

Assumption Day, the day when the Emperor's ascension to the throne is celebrated, is mere days away. And the imperial guard has received information that an assassination plot is underway- one that has more than a passing chance of success. This increased threat comes from the fact that one of the Emperor's elite, the Blackguard, has plans to betray him, buried in his psyche like a trigger, waiting to be activated.

You awake in a room, your brethren from the Blackguard laid around you, awaking from the same blow that foully brought you down- a frantic attempt by the traitor to cover his tracks. But as you recover, you realize that you don't know which side are you on- you have no memory of who the traitor is- and neither does any of your brethren.

With only days left until the assassination attempt, what will you do? Who can you trust? Are you a faithful bodyguard as you appear- or are you party to an assassination that will shake the kingdom to its core?

A one-shot convention game, The Jackal Within will be run at The Black Road 2007.

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