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Who's Who in Ankhana

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Abbal Paslava: Also known as “The Spellbinder”, Paslavla works for Majesty and the Kingdom of Cant. A very powerful thaumaturge, he’s also one of two Dukes of Cant. He’s clever, but for raw power he isn't truly spectacular.

The Child Queen: Tel-Tamarantha, the Child Queen, was a girl of seven years whose only claim to fame was that she was the last member of society with Ankhanan royal blood running through her veins. Had she come of age she would have taken over as the ruler of Ankhana. Emotionally bereft, she was described by many as less than sharp, and it was likely that she would never truly rule. She was killed in the aftermath of the assassination of Prince-Regent Toa-Phelathon.

Dartheln: Current Ambassador of the Monastic Embassy in Ankhana. He’s a man of principle. He’s hefty and nearing seventy, and is as bald as an egg.

Dil-Phinnarthin: One of the oldest nobles of Ankhana. He is known for having the ability to bring the common folk together.

Fat Hamman: Runs the Faces, a major gang in the Warrens. He’s got the best connections to the Ankhana government of any of the gangs. He's a known alcoholic and degenerate gambler. His place in the Warrens is the Happy Miser. He’s a spell caster, and is known to have a spell book that’s extremely powerful. He’s got the gamblers in his pocket, which makes up a good portion of the Ankhanan population. He has the reputation of being invincible, as there have been a lot of attempts on his life, and he's survived them all.

Jhantho: The Founder of the Monasteries.

The King of Cant: His Majesty, he goes by “Majesty.” His real name is “M’Jest.” He runs the Kingdom of Cant.

Kierendal: The Second in command of the Faces, she also runs the Exotic Love. She’s tall even for a female of the First Folk, who commonly outgrow their males, and extremely skinny. She usually wears no upper garments over her nearly absent breasts, instead painting her nipples in different exotic colors. She is known for being cunning and ruthless, and a powerful adept, though perhaps not so much by the standards of her people.

Emperor Ma'elKoth: 6' tall, with a body that looks like it was sculpted by the best greco-roman artists, Ma'elKoth is the emperor of Ankhana. He is extremely intelligent, extremely charismatic, extremely powerful, and a touch vain. He is, however, also a good ruler- a benevolent tyrant one might call him. He rewards loyalty and proficiency lavishly, and punishes disloyalty and incompetency severely. He is the best and the worst of bosses to work for, but he expects no more from those under him than he expects from himself- perfection.

Thervin Backbiter: The King Rat, Thervin runs the gang in the Warren known as the Rats. He’s a bastard.

Toa-Phelathon: Prince-Regent of Ankhana, known as the Lion of Prorithun, he was to sit on the Oaken Throne until the Child Queen came of age. Not a bad regent, his name will now go down in history as the cause of the bloody succession wars following the fall of the royal family.

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