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Basic Facts

The Jackal within will take place for the most part in the Empire of Ankhana, in Ankhana city proper.

The technological level of Ankhana, is strange melange, making it hard to place side by side with any year on our Earth. Magick has taken the place of technological advance in several areas, and the resulting technomagick makes things possible that would normally be associated with a more enlightened society. However, the general scarcity of magickal adepts makes the advances less wide spread than they would be if any artisan could take advantage of them. Ankhana itself is of an age similar to the late Roman empire.

Note that all characters are Human, and more importantly Aktiri.

The characters will remember everything about their lives, up to the last 12 hours. That critical 12 hours contains the timeline of the characters search for the traitor.

The characters do know that the traitor has had his memory altered, so will not remember being the traitor until he is activated.

All of the characters know each other, and have been working together for at least a year.

The characters know something that few in the Empire do- that for all of his powers, Ma'elKoth is still human. However, on Assumption Day, he plans to change that. He plans to ascend to godhood. After he does this, he will be invincible. However, for a very short window on Assumption Day, he has to relinquish his mortal powers in order to gain his godly abilities. At this point, he will be totally vulnerable to any attack, which is the reason it is one of the most guarded secrets currently.

Each player will be responsible for his character (of course), the character's background, and two hooks: One reason why the character would never betray Ma'elKoth, and one reason why the character would. Please be as detailed as possible in this characterization.

If you need some help in character development (or merely are itching to play), pre-game threads are encouraged, both to set the tone for the game and to get you into character. One caveat- no threads are to take place more than 5 years prior.

The world is not totally complete, though it is a great deal of the way towards it. If you have any ideas to contribute, or want to flesh out an area that you see lacking- please do so! Such initiative will be rewarded.

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