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"I do trust you to do what you think is right… I’m just trying to correct your misperceptions as to what that constitutes." - Kenrith

Syndra is the 14-year-old daughter of Ser Godfrey Hardy and his wife Lady Morna. She is the second of their three children, and the only girl. Syndra grew up in and out of Holdfast Castle. Ser Godfrey keeps a small estate in the nearby hills where he spends time with his family when not in service at Winterfell. Because of the rather remote location and Lady Morna's fears, Ser Godfrey arranged for his family to stay in a suite of rooms at Holdfast when he is away.

As a child, Syndra was close to her brothers, especially her older brother, Gavrin. They were born only a year apart and acted almost like twins. Both children were athletic and enjoyed running, climbing and other active games. Gavrin was not much of a swordsman, but when Syndra was allowed to practice with him, he improved by teaching her.

The polio plague that stripped Ser Kenrith of the use of his arm also hit Ser Godfrey's family particularly hard. Both boys perished of the disease, and Lady Morna died in childbirth at the same time, possibly due to exposure to the epidemic. Seven-year-old Syndra survived, but was bedridden for a time. She eventually recovered fully.

When Syndra was eleven, her father was called away for extended service for Lord Stark, leaving his daughter in the fosterage of Lord Oswain and Lady Celia. Ser Godfrey had encouraged Syndra's boyish activities (as long as her sewing was done, of course), but Lady Celia put a fast end to such nonsense. Now that Syndra was becoming a lady, her aunt insisted she concentrate on the womanly arts in preparation for marriage.

As the years wore on, Lady Celia grew more impatient for Oswain's young neice to be betrothed. Oswain believed that decision was Ser Godfrey's to make and put it off. Now, however, as her uncle's health fails, Syndra prays to the old gods for her father's safe - and speedy - return.

Syndra's casting is Michelle Trachtenberg and she is written by Brenda McCartney.


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