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Ser Godfrey Hardy

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The youngest brother of Oswain, Ser Godfrey chose not to take the black as did his elder brother Mallador, but instead swore allegiance to another lord and serves in his retinue. He has spent the last 15 years in the service of House Stark, as a loyal and trusted knight.

Prior to entering Lord Stark's service, he married the Lady Morna Tallhart and together they had three children, Gavrin, Syndra and Trey. Their fourth child, a son, was stillborn, and Morna died during his birth. After her death, Godfrey was permitted a temporary leave to make arrangements for the care of his only remaining child, his daughter Syndra.

Alarmed by news of his brotherís health, Godfrey has returned to Holdfast Castle to attend to family matters and see that the lordship will pass onto a worthy heir. He is well-known as an uncle and as a newfound ally from within the family. Unfortunately, he is not confident that his nephew, Ser Kenrith, is much of a leader, and believes that the matter of succession of the house lordship does not need to be as cut-and-dried as simple inheritance to the eldest son. Though he does not have any designs on the position for himself, he is willing to step in as regent or steward should he need to while matters are settled, or in the event that the heir to the lordship is not of an appropriate age to rule the house.


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