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Castle Holdfast NPCs

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Septa Annice
Septa for Ser Godfrey Hardy's children

Septon Abert
Septon in service to Holdfast and House Hardy

Maester Sewell
House Oswain's resident Maester

Ser Anders Tollet, Captain of the Guard
Brother to Lady Celia

Edlyn Martyn
Lady Celia's daughter by her first husband, Ser Martyn

A guard at Holdfast Castle (a sergeant)

A male servant at Holdfast Castle

A male servant at Holdfast Castle

Landlady of the Goose and Gander in Holdfast Town

The half-witted potboy at the Goose and Gander in Holdfast Town

Mal and Jayne
Mal and Jayne traveled along the kingsroad with Kenrith from Riverrun to Holdfast.

Jayne is a skilled woodsman and tracker, but prides himself on his strength at arms and collection of trophy weapons. Before serving Riverrun he did not fight in the Rebellion and instead developed his talents as a mercenary.

Mal was a foot soldier in Robert's Rebellion. While he can carry the composure of a knight when he wants to, he holds little respect for baseless authority.

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